Real Estate Negotiations after Inspection

Real Estate Negotiations after Inspection

Investors should give their attorneys a copy of the property inspection report as soon as it is received. Investors also should draw their attorneys’ attention to defects that are of concern. An investor’s attorney will then negotiate with the seller’s attorney over what, if anything, the buyer is will to repair or give a credit on to allow the sale to go forth. In this process of give and take, the investor’s list of defects should include both serious and less serious problems; this gives the investor room to make concessions on items that are not of great concern.

Nonetheless, investors should ask sellers for as many concessions as possible. In a difficult real estate market, a seller may be willing to make many repairs, particularly if the investor demonstrates a readiness to walk away from the deal.


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I don't know

if this would work in the more desirable housing markets like CA. In CA you buy as-is or you don't get the deal. There are multiple offers on properties and if you have contingencies or concessions the bank passes on your offer and goes to the next one. You have to know your market and be able to strike quickly or you'll lose the deal. If anyone from CA is making concessions and getting their offers accepted by the bank, I would really like to hear how you are doing it. Thanks.

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