my negative person lives with me

my negative person lives with me

wow my wife is such a big doubter;she keeps saying we should have had more going on than we do. The organization that's was supposed to help me with my llc stuff messed the paper work up and slowed me down tremendously. Now my wife,who won't shut up is kind of getting to me


William Pooler SR

Hang in there!

Hang in there! Everyone hits bumps along the way. I have a few doubters in my life, too. I thought my daughter would really be excited about something that could turn into a new career for me, but all she asked me was how much did I pay for it, not how much have I learned. After I flip my first house and have a check in hand, then I'll announce to my family how I came about buying this book from the TV one night.

Everything is a process and sometimes it takes longer than you think, but that doesn't mean it won't happen.

Good luck!

Maybe it is for a good

William, sometimes we might be hurt when disappointment comes, but at times it is for our own protection. You might think that your wife is negative, but she will soon come around. She might be a little anxious because things did not work out as expected, but have you ever sat and wonder what were the reasons. You have to look at your journey as having several access points and you will finally do what William has to do. It is only you to make you successful. Lets think in and outside of the box and get that first deal before year end. God Bless.



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