Is there not anyone who can answer my question???

Is there not anyone who can answer my question???

I have a question posted about an out-of-state buyer. There's not ONE person who knows the answer???


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Hi RPeoples

I don't know the answer but I would read that chapter again.

Maybe go to the bank that owns the property?
See what deal you can make with them?
Find out what is owed on it?
What the FMV is on it, if it needs repairs ect.

Or go to the county court records dept. and find out
some information on the house. Values on other properties
in the area, Comparables from, from the last 3 months
what houses have sold for.

The bank doesn't want another foreclosure I know that.
So, the buyer must be prequalified for the amount
they are asking for and have down payment as the banks
will not finance 100% anymore.

All you can do is ask the bank...

I fit goes well, you might find other properties the bank
is willing to deal with you on.