Bird-Dog Deals

Bird-Dog Deals


The last time I updated in my journal I expressed that I was starting to get cold feet the closer I get to doing my first deal. While I am still determined to do this, it's scary nonetheless!

Being the helpful person that she is, Rina suggested that I should maybe do at least one bird-dog deal to sort of get my feet wet and to build my confidence with crunching the numbers ( that is what I'm not feeling comfortable about at all). I thought that was an excellent idea to allow me to make a few dollars while continuing to learn and gain experience in what seems to me to be the most difficult part.

So, I was wondering just how to go about doing the bird-dog deal. Should I just try to locate a property and turn it over to the buyer or should I still crunch the numbers on these deals the same as I would if I were wholesaling? Just how far do I need to go with the numbers if I am bird-dogging?

Also, it is correct that one doesn't get paid for bird-dog deals until the property goes to closing? Is there a way to get paid before then?

Thanks for everyone's help.


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Verna (newage8767)