I'm a new potential investor - have some questions and thoughts to share

I'm a new potential investor - have some questions and thoughts to share

Hi, everyone
If this is not the right catagory to post this, I apologize in advance
but I need to get started somehow
I have a few questions and comments, that maybe you could respond to, since I am in the novice stage, any help would be appreciated

I am scared, plain and simple, in other aspects of life I am a risk taker, but this is a hump I need to get over
I am fiending to make my first real estate purchase but I have all these fears

a)fear of making the wrong choice

b)fear of failure all around

c)fear that I do not know enough

d)fear I will get in over my head and get caught up in a property that doesnt profit, yet I will be stuck with it and it will eat up my time once I am in contract

e)you name it, I got fear in some way

BUT, I wanna overcome this in a terrible way, just figured being honest about it upfront will get me some advice that can shatter these thoughts

The only person I really respect in business that I know, who has some brains, is my father
he is also a very negative person but someone who says what he thinks and can be blunt with you on any subject

He is very negative about real estate, claiming its not so easy, and that its not guaranteed to make money like the books say
he also feels people like Dean are schemers and that Dean is in business to make money off of us, and the books and websites make more money for Dean than even real estate, and thats the real racket, ect.

I obviously believe in Dean and feel he is genuine, but hearing such negativity does effect me in some way, making me cautious and slightly skeptical, because of my fear and also because I am an unproven novice

I live in Brooklyn, NY, and this is the area I would wanna invest in
the nice neighborhoods like bensonhurst and bayridge seem very expensive
few things I noticed

a)I could barely find any for sale signs in my area, and was surprised because I figured in this market that I would see alot, but I didnt

b)I read all the stories of Dean's students buying houses for $100k and less, but it seems that all the houses in Brooklyn in nice neighborhoods are anywhere from $500k to $350k in this market now
How can someone like myself with bad credit, no credit make a deal happen with those circumstances
FOR THE RECORD, I have $30,000 in the bank

I called up the loan officer at my bank and he said without good credit I cant get a loan from Chase, he was really cold and blunt, and didnt seem to wanna know from me once I gave him those details
having $30,000 in the bank didnt seem to mean anything

c)is having $30k in the bank worth anything? I figured atleast with my $30k I could definitely make something happen, if my credit and other factors would be in the way of me doing my first deal
and after reading about doing it without money, I figured having $30k would atleast be something positive in my favor

I have $30k like I mentioned, not to repeat, but maybe u can give advice on what i can do with this $30k as far as real estate investment

thats it for now
any help on my issues would be appreciated


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