Where do I begin,

Where do I begin,

As a newbie on this site the information provided is pretty insightful. However I need more specific help and suggestions.

So I'm at the point were I've finished the book, I'm super excited and motivated. But there's a wall and I don't know how to get over it.

I've took some initiated and look at some properties in my neighborhood, did the online research to find the FMV and that's as far as I got pretty much.

Dean's book is awesome but it's not really step by step.

So my steps so far is to,

Subscribe for the 24hr Recorder cuz I feel like it will be pretty helpful for me and my prospective buyers/sellers.

Than go to Office Depot and make business cards. Being a new Real Estate Investor with not much establish credentials on want to come across as being very professional and of course knowledgeable. Even though I plan to be transparent that I'm a first timer.

Than next step is to start posting flyers in my neighborhood.

Am I on the right track so far? Is there something that as a beginner you find the most helpful to do?

What would you suggest I build first my buyers list or my sellers list?

My Spiritual Mom ask me a question that was kind of discouraging. She said what would make a buyer want to come to me verses someone with more credentials or more qualified due to experience?

I told her well honestly I wouldn't just be working for myself I'd be working for the benefit of all parties involved. And I told her everyone that began in this business had a step 1 they all needed that one person that would put Faith in them and help them get there jump start on there career. This is what I pray to God for cuz I know that all need is my #1 person and that will not only mean the world to me it will change my life.

So if you have anything to add please do and if you can help me along the way with advice, suggestions or even a job go right ahead cuz I just have such a teachable spirit right now and I'm eager to learn and do more.



Hi Medjine!

Im also new like you, but what I have done so far maybe can encourage you a lil bit and help you stay on the right track of success.
Im on track on finishing Dean's books also. But i've being keeping myself busy while I am reading thru the book. Before I got the book in my hand, I looked thru the site and I saw that there were a lot of information pertaining to real estate investing. From doing all my research, I have decided that I was going to work on strictly wholesaling properties for now so I can gain some experience on the market. Now I am building my list of buyers and sellers at the same time. The houses that I am looking for are right in my neighboorhood.

I am working with a seller right now and a buyer which I should have my first house offer in a couple of days. I looked for buyers in my local newspaper and I called the number and I spoke with a lady. I told her that I was new and that I was an investor, wholesale, and asked her what she was looking for in properties. long story short, we exchanged information. I was really nervous when I made that call, I was going back and forth before I called. But it all worked out.
When it comes to building a list, you can start wherever you are comfortable with.

I want to tell you that whenever you make any phone calls to an investor, they will understand if you are new, and they will be willing to work with you. And you have made the first step, which is to change your future.
Congratulations and welcome to the DG family.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve" Napoleon Hill


"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." Napoleon Hill

Change your reality

Ther will always be people in your life that will try to discorage your dreams.
When you start to feel discoraged come to this web site and read the posts from the people that are doing it.
Although I am new at this also I know the importance of being near and listening to folks that are of a positive attitude.
I have a framed motto on my wall that reads:
I'm groing very weary,
of being shown the light.
By people that can't do what I do,
but know I'm not doing it right.
Good luck and keep on pressing on!


I would recommend you read through the forums. In the forums you will find answers to all your questions. The forums cover everything needed for a new Investor. You will find so much valuable information by using this site. You will just need to spend some hours absorbing the information. Grab some coffee and sit back and type in your subject in the search field and you will find what you need.

Good luck!


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
Napoleon Hill quote

Thank You Everyone.

I appreciate the encouragement, it was just what I needed to lift my spirits all over again. So far reading the forums is exactly what I've been doing. I have plans to join the Success Academy. At this point all I can do is read up and retain as much information as possible, take one step at a time and pray for the favor of God over me. Thanks again.

God Bless


Remember one thing while you are chasing your dream. There will come a time when you need to step back and take a break for yourself. This business can be overwhelming at times and stressful too, but in a good way. If you get to that point with the academy and reading, just step back, take a day off and do whatever you want. Real Estate will be here when you get back and so will we...Jan