I Joined The Success Academy!!!

I Joined The Success Academy!!!

Hey DG Fam, after a long hunt for the initial investment money, I am now a member of the wise :0) I am already learning alot and I look forward to taking action. I have a question though, does anyone out there have any advice for me: I'm a dad who has been laid off and now spend time with my 2 year old son during the day. My question is, how can I balance out that time and what if I have to go meet a RE professional for the first time? Thanks-


I deserve success...PERIOD! Reggie Peoples-


Congrats on joining the Success Academy! You will not be sorry!

You have a leg up on most of us working a job and trying to get a REI business going part time. Make sure you carve out some time (at least 5 -10 hours) to work on your business. Try to be consistent with the time frame, the rest of the time is yours!


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Thanks Chris

Hey Chris, it feels good to know that I'm in a boat with a few others. I see you're making great progress right out of the gate, that's fantastic! I hope to keep in touch with you by following your updates, so I will chime in often as I can. Hey BTW, can you start your "journey blog" from any category in the forum? I'm a bit confused. Thanks friend-


I deserve success...PERIOD! Reggie Peoples-

success academy

welcome aboard Reg I to am in the academy and I am struggling with the action items I was told I need to call the coaches more often

I just lost my job Dec 17so I am going to take a shot at this full time

Hope you the best

Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2010


Fred E

Joined SA myself

R Peoples and Fred W I'm Alex J and I just joined on 16 Dec. I'm getting seperated from the military after 17 years for medical issues and not getting any retirement. I'm on leave right now and doing 1 online course a day. I'm stationed in Key West FL, but want to work in my hometown Topeka KS which I will be back in sometime in Feb. It's tough working on my action items as well. I finally found randmcnally.com. My mentor told me to get a hard copy map ASAP.
I'm also a little irritated by having to create an excel spreadsheet for my buyers list, but as the rules state, you have to be open minded to learn new things. I keep reminding myself that after my 5th deal, I get my initial investment back... and by that time, I'll be educated enough to buy tax lien properties, and this will all be worth it. What do you say we encourage each other since we all joined the same time. Last one to make $20K is a rotten egg! LOL!


Good luck chris! Just give

Good luck chris!
Just give it 100% honest effort and I know you will be successful.
I wish I had the academy behind me but its not in my budget right now.
remember, never give up and call them for any questions you have, that is what your paying for.

Hey Alex

Hey Alex, I'm from Kansas also my friend!!! Finally someone close to me. I'm in overland park, but maybe we can do some great deals together being that the market is still pretty good up here. We should def keep in touch. Hey good luck with all you pursue my friend. Talk soon-


I deserve success...PERIOD! Reggie Peoples-


The success academy is the way to go guys! Not in my budget yet but I will get there! Trying to build buyers list right now. You guys keep posting. I feed off of the positive energy you're putting out there! Keep going!

Aloha and Congratulations!

Aloha from Hawaii! It's like we're amongst the last Class of 2009. I like Alex's challenge "last one to 20K." Reggie, I can relate with the lay off this year and you'll find spending time with Jr. the greatest blessing, priceless! As for myself, priority is homeschooling my 2 daughters. I have used this time-off (unemployment) to adjust and transition as a rookie RE investor with DG. My wife and I are laying the foundation of our RE business one day at a time. I'm having so much fun learning striving for the elusive first deal. Here's my feedback to your question of balance and what is working for me/us:
-- 1000% committed to family as husband and dad
-- teamwork with wife and others, strengths and weaknesses
-- do an action step each day, getting closer to the goal
-- talk to 1 or more people about RE each day
-- study late nights
-- pray on knees

1. Go to the local investor club is a must!
2. I took my daughters to the foreclosure auction and the environment is perfectly fine at our courthouse steps.
3. Craigslist.org is incredible
4. I wish I could spend more time on DG.com, I'll try to stay in touch with this group

Stay safe my friends and Merry Christmas.
2010 is our year!!!



You will not regret it. You will have great results if you take the necessary action.


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
Napoleon Hill quote

Stay With it Man


I'm super glad you joined the Academy. I am also unemployed and have been wanting to get into REI for over a year - close to 2. I realized that this was a great time since I had the time on my hands to devote a lot of time to it. I also realized that, for me, the fastest way to success was with the Academy. It was really tough rationalizing the expense, but the rebate is a great incentive.

I would encourage you to schedule your day. Time for your son, time for REI, etc. You have to be disciplined. Some people do their work late at night. I can't do this. I'm best in the morning but at least during the day or early evening. Everybody's different in this regard.

I wish you the best. Keep us posted on your journal. You will be encouraged and we will hold you accounable.

Rick Brockmeer

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you made a life changing decision when you decided to join the academy!! you will only move forward with your knowledge and positive outlook IF YOU PUT THE EFFORT IN !! great job on taking control of your life and striving forward to make you and your family financially free if you really want it!!
good luck reggie and we r behind you every step of the way!!! go get um!!


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Hey congrats to you for taking that first step. My wife and I are looking to start with the academy. we ahve talked to a coach from kansas. I was wondering what questions you asked yours. what expectations you had. I am from oklahoma. Not much money but we have just bought one house to rehab and sell. we are just about done and looking to have an open house jan 9. But back to the coach, did you talk with a few or did just one call and after talking with them join up. I am just noyt sure what we might be looking for in the different aspects of different coaches .

congrats again

Dean and Sara

God has a great future and hope for those that seek Him
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Hey Rick thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate the fact that you and others plan to hold me accountable. I hope you achieve alot through the academy and in life. talk to you soon-


I deserve success...PERIOD! Reggie Peoples-


Hey, I have to thank you in a big way for what you have given in your feedback to my blog. I really am lost for words because that meant alot to me my friend. It all seems a little overwhelming sometimes, which can cause a mental shutdown. However, I believe that we can do ALL things through Christ, so knowing that, transforming the lives of my family is a huge why for me to succeed. talk to you soon-


I deserve success...PERIOD! Reggie Peoples-

Follow up

Hey hows it going with getting your funding for the RE academy?


I deserve success...PERIOD! Reggie Peoples-

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