Strugle, strugle toil and trouble

Strugle, strugle toil and trouble

I'd like to start by saying I am the most positive person I know. It is really hard to get me down but it is possible! Right now I am having a hard time believing in myself.

The problem is I am scared I wont talk right with sellers and buyers.

The reason?

My sister who has been in banking for 20+ years told me there isn't a bank on the planet that will give us so much as the time of day. She said we have no money, and no credentials whats so ever that would make a bank want to waste their time on us. Further more she said any REO's a bank has she knows for a FACT that they will allow the properties to sit until the next sheriffs auction and that anything I have read that says any different is an out and out LIE.

I know she thinks that we are going to get nothing but disappointment and failure by trying to do this.I know she loves us and just doesn't want to see us fall on our faces but good lord! We need to hear words of encouragement and ways around things like what would be the key words to use when speaking with a bank or any other professional.

See my sister is the BIG professional who has made it in our family and everyone looks to her for advice on everything from the right colleges, how to create resumes, to how to dress and speak in business meetings.

In fact when I landed a professional job a few years ago she hand picked my wardrobe, and taught me how to speak with accountants and other professionals I would be dealing with. I already had a college degree but the things she taught me made me shine like never before. So her opinion means a lot to me and the rest of our family.

We are still working Dean's program regardless what she said but right now I feel very shaky on how to talk to these people and get them to trust us and actually sign the contracts. I wish we could afford to get the coaching but we can't. In fact the irony is we have to get our first deal under our belt in order to get the money for the coaching. Actually we have to do this just to stay afloat for another month!

I don't know what to do. The real estate search site we joined and found a few houses to look at for a cash buyer we have the bloomin addresses don't exist! We even asked the local post office! They got out their map and those addresses were no where to be found.


Well that's quite enough boo-hooing. We have cash buyers we have to contact again on Wednesday with a couple of houses for them them to look at so I had best get on renewing my searches.

Thanks for listening to me.


You can't save the world but you can offer a hand up to a few along your way.


your sister sounds like she is motivated and dont mind sharing her state she has helped you in many ways and thats great!!i am sure you look up to her but maybe that is jusT her OPINION of what SOME if any banks feel about their reo's.i am SURE they would love to unload their properties in the right situation!as we all know banks want to make interest not own property!!i am sure she means well for you but with deans program,and web site along with these great people here on the dg site you will learn that ANYTHING is possible !!.study the pertinent posts and ask questions all day all if possible of cb power,rina,anita,indiana joe post as theese awesome people have DONE it and have explained HOW they done it for you/me and everyone to learn and ask questions if we dont understand something.It sounds like you and your husband WANT to learn as a team which is great but you lack the funds to get u read there are many ways to buy property no $ down u just have to find it!! i realize you are lacking employment now but looking on the positive side you have many hrs in the day to study and learn.who knows you may be a real estate investor from this day forward full time!!! IF you would like a copy of deans books to get a jump start on your rei career you/husband can pm me your address and i will send you his books as a way for me to give back in a small way.dean has given me the knowledge to start making a difference in my financial future through his books,and the academy and the think a little different program!!stick with this dg family and your turn is next!!
have an awesome day!!


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Laws Of Attratction

In case you all aren't familiar with the laws of attraction allow me a short explanation:

The laws of attraction basically state that what you project out will come back to you. For instance if you project out positive thoughts and energy, positive things happen to you! It works in reverse as well, think and feel negative and negative things happen.

Well as things would happen I am usually the single most positive person I know. However I allowed negativity to grab a hold of me and now what has happened? The cash buyers we had but did not lock up in contract have found a house on their own! Talk about takin a hit! We spoke to them late afternoon over the phone Sunday, spent Monday looking HARD for them, Tuesday came and we are still looking for them, made a trip to the court house to get some more information on a few houses, go to my daughters for a quick visit and guess what!

They didn't even call us! They called my daughter and told her to tell us they got a house they had looked at a while back. The home owner contacted them and decided to sell to them.


I have emailed them and left them a voice mail but I did it in a way as to not exclude them from future deals. My daughter tells us they are wanting to start a rental business so I figured one missed deal could be the start of bigger and better deals with them in the future. They are young and I have known them their entire lives so I can understand them being reluctant to tell me themselves. I suppose they looked at it like telling mom they did something behind her back. So our goal with them is to get them to stop thinking of me as a second mother and work with us as business associates.

So we took a hit but we learned a lot in the process. An old boss of mine told me a mistake is only a problem when you do not learn from it. We learned from this and plan to take the negative and view it as a positive.


Thank you for your kind post. You are right my sister is a very good person who feels she must look out for her baby sister. We are filling her advice in our minds but forging ahead with our business. Being real estate investors is our dream and I am not giving up on our dream!

We already have Deans books PFRERN and BAREM. They are wonderful books and we are using them to help us daily! thank you for the offer though!

Lets keep that positive energy rollin folks!


You can't save the world but you can offer a hand up to a few along your way.

For All of Those Struggling

please go to this link download the successful business person's bible. It definitely helps me out when i'm in my low points