I would like to say that I am amazed by the many different tools that are used to do real estate investing. All of the internet websites used to assess a properties value and the amount of information they provide about any given area is mind boggling.

Take for instance That site allows you to basically see mls listing sheets that an agent would provide, along with allowing you to compare active properties side by side. The site shows you all the market trends, school information and what I feel is one of the most important statistics available is the crime rate! You are even able to get two different types of maps street view and satellite. All of this great information at one site!

I can remember the good old days, before Al Gore invented the internet, this was a half days worth of phone calls and a trip to the local courthouse digging around for information. Not to mention the $1.00 per sheet print out charge from the courthouse for the information you found.


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