Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

Today, everyone one should add to thier journal. It's a great day to start a journal also for any that dont have one yet, also.

Help all of us help you.

I am sooo excited for all of us. The only limits we have for this year are the limits we put on ourselves. So this year is the year of
The DG student's limitless adventures.

DReam big this year actually dream bigger this year. Then simply go for it. Just remember your only limits are put in place by you. So dream bigger, BELIEVE, and go for it(Believe and Achieve -Joe) - MAKE it happen.

I WILL this year. My question for ALL of you right now on Jan 1 is who is going to be with me. All you have to do is decide and then don't let yourself limit what you can do and you will be there with me.



Join my REI group SouthCentralTexas ALL active motivated gogetters welcome Your location is not important.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to accept money.

-One Step Closer

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