Advice on LLC and Registere Agent Fees

Advice on LLC and Registere Agent Fees

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I previously had established an LLC (for internet business) in NV and I pay $39.95 per month to maintain a resident agent. The company that helped me with the business set-up never explained anything to me about registering in my state as a foreign corporation. I found that out through researching the DG forums! Now the company says they can get me setup with a foreign corporation in my state (MD) for a fee of $95 and the MD filing fee of $100.

I am told that my LLC can be used for any type of business, but I can't change the legal name. However, I can create a "DBA" (another fee I guess).

Can the DG members who have an LLC tell me if $39.95 is too much to maintain a resident agent? Also, any Marylanders who have LLC tell me what it cost to eatablish the LLC in MD? Those that have a registered foreign corporation due to LLC being established in another state tell me what it cost to establish a foreign corporation in MD?

Would it be more beneficial to terminate the NV LLC and establish another in MD or just establish a foreign corporation in MD? Does anyone know if it would be possible to use a different company to act as resident agent in NV that would be cheaper than what I am already paying? I've already put lots of money on my credit cards to get my business set up and I really don't have any funds so I need to go the less expensive way, but I would still like to know what is the best action to take.



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