Making calls Tip

Making calls Tip

I couldn't decide which area to put this topic so if it isn't in the right place please accept my apologies in advance.

I was getting ready to call about an ad I found in our local paper, it seems there is a company looking for property in my area.

I copied down the company name and phone number in Word and started my process I do before I call anyone business related when the thought occurred to me that DG'ers might benefit from what it is I do to prepare myself for business calls and meetings.

Before I make a call or go to a meeting I prepare what it is I want to say by typing it out in MS Word or hand write it in my ever present note book. My sister taught me this years ago and it really helps me out when making business arrangements! It also comes in really handy when you get a voice mail so rather than your voice mail sounding like, 'ahh, Hello my name is ____ and ahhh I'm calling about ummm' you get the idea.

So when your about to make a business call especially if your nervous or its your first time doing a business call write down exactly what it is you want to say, even add in expected responses and your reply's to them. This will make you sound more knowledgeable and by eliminating repeated words in your dialect along with those Ahhhh's, Ummm's, and errr's.

I love using MS Word because you can check your spelling and use it to find another word to use instead of the same thing over and over. We all have that habit of using one word waaaay too often but if you write it out first you are more likely to catch those repeated offenders and eliminate them!

Also use the Internet to help you find different words, phrases, spellings etc... Do this by typing in Google Define: REO or Synonym for Good

Even if no one but you will be reading the script its best to have everything spelled correctly because if your reading it like you typed it you don't want to say Brat when you meant to say BUT!

It might sound like something that will take up time you can't spare but I promise you the more you do it the quicker you will get what you want to say down thus sounding a whole lot more knowledgeable about what it is your talking about than if you went into the conversation with nothing prepared!

I think Matt said something about this in PFRERN.

Hope this tip helps someone!


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Thanks for the great tip. What I found to work for me is to repeat over and over,aloud,so as to sound as natural as possible. I have a REI meeting tonight (first one) and I have been practicing this. I teach a class at the hospital I work for and after the first three or four classes I developed a "style" of presenting information. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Plus I sound like a robot when I read a script LOL. This is my world and this is what I want to do to earn a living and spend more time with my family and I am using this site and all that Dean gives me to be successful. So it is worth the time to practice my cadence to sound confident that I am the guy that is going to move houses from sellers to buyers.


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