The Easiest Way Possible To Find a Hard Money Lender!

The Easiest Way Possible To Find a Hard Money Lender!

Did you know that Panera Bread Company is the meeting ground for business people? Well it is. I spend about 4 to 6 hours a day at Panera. I love the food, coffee and atmoshpere. It's my office down here in Florida. Anyway, I was on the phone today while I was eating lunch at Panera and I was talking about a real estate deal that I am working on. The deal must have sounded really good or I sounded like I know what I am doing because after I got off the phone a guy over heard me talking and approached me. He intoduced himself and then asked me if I wanted hard money to do the deal I was talking about! He said he is pretty picky about the deals he loans on but, he was interested in the numbers I was describing. So funny. The power of the LAW OF ATTRACTION is amazing! Become who you want to meet and the opportunities are endless!


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