Assingmeents in Dallas Texas!

Assingmeents in Dallas Texas!

My name is Richard and I am urgently looking to network with anyone doing assingments in dallas. Please respond.


Assingment deals in Dallas Texas?

Hi, I am Rick and I am looking to network with anyone doing assingment deals in Dallas. Please respond!

I Am in the same market

Hi i am Ogman Pinson i live in dallas i want to do assignment deals ,i been reading a lot about , i have not try any yet , if some body else is doing in dallas i would like to have some advice, i would like to know if there is any law in the state of tx that prohibits that kind of contract.

Assignments in Texas

I am working on my 1st assignment in Texas. I am a Student of the Success Academy and my mentor said it wasn't legal to do assignments in Texas, HOWEVER, I am working with a realtor that said as long as you have an addendum that states that the contract has to be approved by my 'partner' or the contract is null & void, we are golden.

I will sign the offer today and should hear by the end of the week what the seller says. I'll keep you posted on what plays out.

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