Just a question for the DG family!!! I want to go to my first meeting, and located what i think is a good club. But i was very surprised at the yearly cost, and that it even costs to sit in as a guest. Is this the norm?? I realize that there could be a big payoff from the club, but at the same time id like to keep my cost down esp. as i get started. By the way $200 for the yr. and $50 to be a guest for one visit.. Thanks mike


REI club dues

Hi Mike,
I don't think this is unusual. The club I joined was $150 for the year. Remember you are investing in your business. The dues will be an expense on your taxes. The networking and education you receive will be well worth it. I'd definately join for the year - go to every meeting you possible can and take advantage of every opportunity offered. In my club, the workshops are always either free or reduced cost for members. Also we get discounts at places like Home Depot and Office Max.
I do think the $50 to be a guest one time is high. My club allows the first visit free. Why don't you contact them and request that?


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REI Clubs

This is not an unusual price. My club is $125.00 for the year. It is well worth the investment!


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It's pretty normal

I agree. Your fees are pretty normal. My club is over $200. a year. (I think) Or it costs $20 per visit. I usually pay the $20. and it is worth it. There are a lot of investors there and they are usually looking for a good deal Start getting their names & phone numbers & email addresses AND start building your buyers list or add to it.
We had a meeting last night (I missed it) But the one last month was awesome in my opinion. They had about six different investors presenting a deal they did this past year and they told us their story and all the gory details - how it went. It was like something Dean does. Then the audience picked a winner. I really loved that meeting because it again showed how they all over came obstacles to get the deal DONE! Bravo!

Also regarding your REI club. I don't know where you live but most cities have more than one REI club. If yours does - Try another club or one in a near-by town.
I've also heard of some clubs that let you in FREE if it is your first time

Thanks to all

I really appreciate all your feedback, it sounds like it will be a go then. Thanks for taking the time, the DG site is awesome, Mike in ct..

thank you all for the information on investment clubs

I was just looking into that myself. Thank you all for the information it always seems like you are thinking of a question and it is already answered many times over on this site. Hope life is good and families are doing well. Thanks again. Tammy


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I guees the investment is worth it

The club where I am is free and it is absolutely great. We just had a meeting this Thursday. I picked up 3 more cash buyers, a real estate lawyer whom I have an appt with on Tues. The peole their and the info that given is great. So I say the $150 or $200 dollar fees is worth it. So go to these meetings ladies and gents.


I got my mind made up..... (buyers site)

Good to know...

Going to REI Club is on my immediate list of "to dos". Thanks for the info. as I was under the impression these clubs were free.
I've researched, but not thoroughly...If no REI clubs exist, what do you guys suggest? Online REI Clubs?

Have a good night...late, turning in!


Have a Blessed Day,

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Thanks again for all your comments, and insight there all very helpful, Mike..


I can sum it up for you easily


It is well worth them time and expense. To network with people just like you who are seeking the same thing. Ask questions and contribute to discussions. You will be very pleased with the results....Jan

I suppose...

I suppose that like everything else the cost is set by what the market will bear.
The yearly dues seems about right from what I've seen in my area, however the one time fee seems high.
If you were to contact the organizer maybe you could volunteer to set up and breakdown after the meeting to offset the fee.
I have not yet been able to attend my local group due to situations at work (I work Nights) but I am hoping that that will change for February.

I have been keeping track of foreclosure auctions in the paper. I don't live to far from the county courthose so this is a good option for me because the auctions are in the morning. Mon 1/25 there are 5 properties on the block. I picked a day that had a couple of auctions hoping that there would be more people there.
I will have my biz cards with me and will be ready to meet people.

# 54

Also in Dean's video blog number 54 when he's talking with Jeff Jenson. Dean's asks Jeff, how do you build a buyers list?
The first thing Jeff says is: "number 1 is REI clubs"

The connections you can make

The connections you can make at an REI club are priceless and will pay it back 10 times over . I paid 25.00 for first visit which went towards your dues should you join.
Jan summed it up in a nut shell. no risk no reward.


Ill say it again, thanks so much for all your insight! I cant tell you how much it means too me, THANKS MIKE.

REIA Group in S.E. MI

Hi Mike,
I just attended a REIA group They charge $125/yr. I paid $20 to be a guest and they said that would go towards the $125 yearly membership fee. The price is always a "sticker shock". But when you start networking it will pay off!
Best of luck in finding a REIA in your area that seems affordable!! Network you behind off when you join one...My REIA has topics they cover every month. I learned way more about RE taxes then I thought I would ever want to know at the last meeting.


Earl in MI
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Find an REI club in your area

Here is a great resource that I learned from a fellow DG member to find an REI club meeting in your area ...

For topic or interest type in Real Estate Investing
then your zip code.

This site will give you all of the Real Estate Investment meetings in your area.

Good Luck!


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Check it out. Look at left column under investor resources - clubs - you'll find clubs by area!
Do join - besides all the benefits - it's lots of fun!


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REI Club

The fees may seem high but I agree with what was said earlier, it's an investment in your business. What my question after that would be: Can you write it off on your taxes as a business expense? I don't have a CPA on my team yet so I ask questions to gain insight and knowledge. Thanks

Bill G.


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I'm going to attend 3 REI clubs before I decide to join one of them.
So far I've attended one recently and made several buyer contacts. Most buyers I met weren't particular about 'areas they buy' or 'size of house' in their criteria. The main criteria being that it would be a "Good Deal" and that the numbers worked. I looked on and there were many clubs and some didn't charge guest fees! That's good, since I'm broke right now & $20 here and $30 there adds up quick. I wrote the date/times of clubs and different groups that have free attendance & no fees(yet).


The local investors club meeting here lets you attend the first one for free to see if you like it. If you do it costs $50.00 per person per year. Husbands and wife get a discount if the join together.




Good deal

Sistreat, thats great that you have found a RE club for such a low cost, no such luck for me!! mike

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