Sounding Professional

Sounding Professional

I had an epiphany tonight well leaving a message for my teenage daughter. With girls it is important to say just the right thing in the right tone. Before I hung up I listen to the message and sometimes rerecord. I realized this was good practice for those calls where I am nervous about being so new. This works cell to cell you just push 1 to listen and go from there. Calling my office with Vonage just follow the directions. Test it out and see.
Just like Joe Jurek says about email, it gives you chance to think about what you said and sound your best!



Sounding Professional

Sounds good to me, and thank you for the info!

I've went through that before, where I would check to see how I sounded when leaving a message for someone. I didn't think to check "it" before I left messages for Realtors, FSBO, Bank Managers, ect.....I will now.

I will practice this tonight, leaving a message on my office phone.


I'm thinking a little different!

Meditation is key, the energy you put out, you'll receive back....10 fold!

Good info

And yes, it is good to write things out first of what you want to say and practice it. Be prepeared, and think of questions that you might be asked, it is always good to have an answer ready.



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Perfect practice makes"

Great Info, Sounding professional is the path to being professional. Thanks for reminding me about practicing my script. Its just like previewing before before posting.

Thanks again.



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Advise Well Taken

Thanks for the tip. From now on I will try to listen to my messages prior to sending them. I like it! Cool

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