Success Academy

Success Academy

Hello DG Family-
I have signed up for the Success Academy today... I am excited, but I am also scared out of my mind.. So wish me luck everyone and I will keep you guys posted once I get the Real Estate ball going...




Welcome to the family! Yes, that is what we are. You have just opened the firehose of information! Strap in, hold on tight, and get ready to learn and DO! I will encourage to take it one step at time. It will take some time to get through all the online lessons, but oh so worth it!

Congrats Angela!!!

You have taken the best step you possibly could to fast track yourself to success in real estate! The tools you have at your disposal are AMAZING! Use them all and we'll be reading about your stories in no time! May I suggest you go to member journal section and start a personal journal. When I look back at mine now at what I've accomplished and overcome in just under 2 years its like a dream! Again, congrats to you!

Best Decision You'll Make

Congratulations - ride the enthusiasm from joining and don't let the fear control you! "All Successful People have Fear Also, They just do not let it stop them." ~T. Harv Ecker

The Academy is a great place to get you the education and tools you need to be truly successful. You will learn a lot - at times it may be overwhelming even, but you will get the support and information you need to make things happen for you.

As you go through the Academy keep thinking of the goals you set and the "why" you are doing all this. That will keep you excited and focused as you move toward a better future for yourself.

Congrats and Best of Luck!


Chip & Andrea Weule
AC Investment Group, Inc.


I'm also on the academy been on for a little while and is the best decision I have done. Im really happy and when I get one property going I will post it,good luck and best wishes.

Fired Up!!!

My wife and I just signed up for the Success Academy as well. We are ready to hit the ground running with the first training session scheduled for this Saturday. Can't wait!

Thanks for all of the inspirational posts and for encouraging all of us newcomers.



Wow - I love to see all of you joining the site and the academy! You have NO idea what you have in your hands, heart and mind right now! Its an amazing journey and a fabulous opportunity to create a new career for yourselves with great financial and time freedom in your future! Enjoy!

Use the Support

Use the Support the Academy offers. Utilize the 1-800 line and the Live Chat options. Even with the education you'll work through answers and solutions to your deals on your own, but sometimes you just need to run it by someone that has succeded already. Use the systems they offer and you'll succeed beyond your imagination.


Chip & Andrea Weule
AC Investment Group, Inc.

arich congrats

One thing I will tell you is like I have been reminded when I have a question, don't be afraid to call them, anytime, you paid for it and they reall want you to succeed. GOOD LUCK!




Congratulations for joining Dean's Success Academy. I believe education is the best investment you can make. Once you learn something new that knowledge will benefit you for many years to come. Like with everything that is worth anything in life, there is some sacrifice with studying and learning but the rewards can be tremendous. Way to go! Good luck with the Academy and all your future real estate deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Congratulations on joining the Academy. Wish you the Best of Luck.
I am unemployed but have spoken to a Coach at the Academy on a couple of occasions; and maybe its in my future. I have heard nothing but good things about it so I hope they help you fulfill your dreams.


JER 29:11 Thoughts of Hope; thoughts of a blessed Future

Step In The Right Direction

To Angela and all the new members, you have taken a step in the right direction. Congratulations, you have the opportunity now to make things happen. Stay focus and act when the situation presents itself. Remember fear is a crippler to success. Defy your fears and think positive, develop your plans and put them into action. Like what was said previously, take it little pieces at a time and it will be more than worth your while. All the best and God Bless. "It is now or never."



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