02-04-10 GOING TO THE EDGE!!!!!!

02-04-10 GOING TO THE EDGE!!!!!!

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! Just signed up for the EDGE, I am so excited!!! I've never been to Arizona before, going without my wife this time, but she is supporting my 100%. So if anyone else is going let me know, maybe we can make some plans. If you have been before give me your recommendations before I make my travel plans. WOW, can't belive I am going!! I believe this event will change my life!

On another note, if I come down from the cloud I am on, I am just about done with the Market Composition Analysis. I plan on working on my marketing plan next to help attract the deals.

OK, off to look at some flight options. Let me know if anyone else is going.


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Got our Tickets and Ready!

That's right, we've got our tickets for the EDGE 2010. We are beyond excited. Last year's EDGE event changed our lives and the lives of so many others. We couldn't imagine missing it this year for anything!!!

Then when we finally got our email to register reading about all the great people that will be there blew us away. We didn't think Dean really could go beyond the amazing experience of last year.... but yes, this year is going to be even better.

If you are waiting for the kick start to your Real Estate Career this is the event you want to be at. You'll learn from so many other DG students and build relationships that will last forever - and may even lead to profitable partnerships!!!!

If you are ready to get yours and meet us there here is the link to sign up: https://www.deanenterprisesllc.com/edge2010/eb.html I think it is okay for me to post this link because it is for dg.com. I want as many members of our DG family to be there as possible. Remember there are only 250 spots so please TAKE ACTION so you do not have to miss out!!!

See you there....


Chip & Andrea Weule
AC Investment Group, Inc.

Planning on seeing you there

Hi Chris, Chip and Andrea
I hope to meet you there. I haven't reserved my spot yet, but I'm getting up the courage. Do you know if the hotel room is included in the cost? It sounds like it is. I'm assuming we are on our own for the airfare?


Blessings & Favor,
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The rooms are actually an additional $110 a night. You book those on your own, but Dean's team negociated a great price. The reason he does that is everyone has a different set up. If you are going with a business partner you may want 2 rooms, or you may need a couple rooms because you are bringing your family for a vacation in addition.

Regardless, I think the expense is worth it - I do not believe anyone regretted their trip last year.

We would love to see you there!!!


Chip & Andrea Weule
AC Investment Group, Inc.

Answers to your E.D.G.E. questions

Q: What does the admission of $2995 cover?

A: Actually, for you as an early bird, your
admission is only $2495 (a $500 discount). It
covers entry into the training event, and we
provide snacks and gourmet lunch. If you want
to bring your spouse or investing partner, it
is only an additional $500 for them.


Q: Is there any kind of guarantee?

A: of course! Dean is so sure you'll be blown
away by what we teach at this event, he
guarantees your satisfaction fully. In fact,
if by the end of the first day, (5 PM), you
do not feel like this was totally worth every
penny of your investment, simply tell one of
our team and we will not only refund your
admission, but give you up to $500
reimbursement for your air fare. We are THAT
confident in what we will teach you.


Q: What is the deal on the sign up form about
discount points?

A: If you are a registered member on the
deangraziosi.com website and participate in
the discussions (or have ever posted
comments), you earn points. When you sign up
for the EDGE, check the "I'm an active
member" box, enter your user name and password
and we will automatically credit you .25 per
point to your admission fee. 1,000 points =
$250 off, etc.


Q: How much is airfare and hotel?

A: The most expensive 1 stop airfare averages
$287 per person round trip. We beat up the
resort people and got a nightly rate of $110,
double or single occupancy.


Q: How many days do I stay?

A: There is a meet and great Friday evening.
The event starts Saturday morning at 8:30 AM
and ends Sunday night at 5:00 PM. If you
choose the VIP package, you go until 5:00 PM
Monday. Your stay depends on when you want to


Q: What does the 11,995 VIP package include?

A: Your entire trip is covered; airfare,
transportation in town, upgraded room and
meals. You get to be one of 15 to have a
group dinner with Dean either Sat or Sun
night, and a private brainstorming session
Monday. This is NOT for everyone. It is an
option for people who can afford it and who
want an extra day and some "more private"
time with Dean.


Q: Can I choose the 3 payment option and
still get the DVD's of the event FR.EE?

A: Sure, what the heck. I see no reason not
to allow this! No matter As long as you buy
your ticket during this advanced sale, we'll
give you the videos of the event as our gift!


Q: How long do I have to take advantage of
this early bird deal?

A: We're not sure yet, but the plan is to
keep the offer open until Monday night,
unless we run out of spots first.


Q: How important is it for me to attend?

A: If you are serious about making money in
real estate this year, you will NOT be
disappointed with your experience. The reason
this is not a $99 per person event, is
because you will walk away a changed person,

You will be in a place where you can relate
to everyone around you. Relationships with
the right, like minded people is key # 1 to
changing your life.

You are going to be exposed to techniques
again and again so they sink in, and you will
be able to learn and repeat what you learn in
both thought and action. That is key #2 to

Thirdly, you are going to come away with a
way to re-frame your thinking and your
actions...this is key #3 to change.

So, is it important to you to come? Well, if
you have set goal in the past and never
achieved them, if you have been stuck for a
while and don't know why, if you are sick and
tired of waiting for SOMEDAY when things are
going to get better...then you have answered
this question for yourself already.

All that's left to do now is secure your spot
and show up...we'll do the rest!

If you have ANY other questions about making
a decision to come to the EDGE 2010, please
call 800.489.7003 ext 10 or email us at
info@deanenterprisesllc.com and we'll be
happy to answer them.

Hope to see you in May,

The Entire Dean Team

I reserved also, does anyone

I reserved also, does anyone know about the car rental costs there or is a cab from the airport the way to go.
Man I am so excited to be there and to learn as much as possible too.
Cant wait to finally meet my friend Rina and see Laura again as well as others I am friends with.

Car - personal choice

Last year we did the cab and were fine with that - we'll probably do that again this year. Our main focus was the event and didn't really need to go anywhere else.
Some people wanted to see some sites in their free time so they enjoyed having a car. One thing I would check prior to getting a car would be if there is a parking fee at the hotel. Some charge, some don't. That may factor in to your decision.

So excited to have you there - We are going to have a great time!!!


Chip & Andrea Weule
AC Investment Group, Inc.

Cab fare/car rentals

A cab fare should be approximately $25-$40 from the airport to the location of the event. A car rental ranges anywhere from $20/day-$300/day depending on the type of vehicle you get. The resort is located in the heart of Scottsdale and is within walking distance to the mall, restaurants, shops etc. so you really won't need a car. Your best bet would be to take a cab to and from the airport. The resort provides complimentary transportation within a 5 mile radius, so you can always take advantage of that as well. Hope this helps.

YAY!!! I'm going too!!

Thanks for posting all this stuff...super helpful!! I'm so excited! And excited that you are excited too, Chris!!

I actually booked my flights before I got tickets because I was so excited. Smiling Smiling I'll be arriving around 10:45am on Friday (just the best option from Nashville as it is nonstop...the others have so many stops, I wouldn't get there in time for the reception or it might be iffy). Then leaving on Monday around noon (I'm not an early flight fan and want to relax a bit!).

Richie ---glad to see you are going too!! I hear Laura can't make it due to a trip to Ireland she planned thinking that the conference would be in April.

WHOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This will be so great! Look forward to connecting with you guys and others going!



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yes, thanks

yes, thanks Megan.
Megan,please check your voice mail and get back to me.

I'll be there!

I booked my tickets, but haven't done the flights yet, need to see if I have enough for a freebie. I'm excited to meet you all, and talk REI with people that get it!



Cathy B

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Once again Hooorrraaayyyyy!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you. We are all going to have a great time and learn a lot!!!


Chip & Andrea Weule
AC Investment Group, Inc.

INVEST IN YOURSELF!.....Attend Gain the EDGE 2010!

Dean's Gain the EDGE Event is an investment in yourself! Anything that is worth anything usually has a price and a level of committment you need to make. I am so grateful that Dean devotes his 20 years of experience and wisdom and chooses to share it with all of us. Most people that are generous with their time, knowledge and expertise often get taken for granted which is unfortunate and unfair. When successful people choose to share their wisdom, knowledge, insight, information and capabilities with all of us, it is a true gift! Dean chooses to share his information, all his information, not just tidbits or morsels.

I am very proud of Dean and his story because it is the "American Dream"! Dean worked very, very hard for everything he has and he is someone we can be proud of. I am "Mr. Positive" but the one thing that does get me angry at times is when people see where other successful people are at "today" but do not understand or appreciate the road, or the many struggles, they had to take or get through to get there. My hat is off and I am cheering and screaming loud because I love success stories, I love stories based on the American Dream, I love stories where the good guy always win! That is why I admire Dean Graziosi and his story of the American Dream.

Dean has never forgot where he came from and gives back so much more than he receives! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You and a million times over, thank you Dean for sharing your knowledge, books, programs and time with all of us! You have made a difference in so many lives! - We are just 2 of probably millions of lives that Dean has changed for the better! We believe that Dean's Gain the EDGE live event is the best investment and deal you can make in 2010! Hope to see you there! Smiling - Joe and Stacey


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Hope to Meet You All

Still trying to decide on my travel plans, it's a long flight from Providence!!! Thinking of leaving early on Friday, then flying back Monday morning. There is a red eye which will get me in Monday AM, gonna chew on this over the weekend.

Look forward to meeting you all: Chip & Andrea, Gena, Richie, Louisa, Cathy, Joe and Stacey. Laughing out loud


... Verses: 35 "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary, They will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31 ...

Hey Chris good luck, I will

Hey Chris good luck, I will be pulling out of Kennedy A-port.
I am going to do my reservations in March.

Hotel room at FireSky Resort- don't delay

For those of you planning on staying at the resort where the event will be held, please don't wait too long to get your reservations because we want to assure that you get a room at the discounted rate. Rooms will go quickly and I assure you that you won't find a rate as good as this at any surrounding hotels/resorts in Scottsdale. Just wanted to let you all know!

Point taken. I will book

Point taken. I will book next week. I found a flight for 358.00 non stop round trip which seems reasonable.
Louisa, thanks for the pm, It will be nice to meet you in person also. I only hope I can read my own writing when I get home lol.

See you all in May.

When we get closer to date...

if anyone happens to arrive at the same time and wants to split cab fare or something...I'm all for it, so feel free to share your arrival/departure times when you do end up booking Smiling More importantly, it would mean I'd also get to know another DG'er on the way there! My husband attends conferences for his work and for his passion (soccer) throughout the year, so I will be solo at this one and really look forward to connecting with as many of you as possible!!

I'll be the 7-month pregnant attendee at that point (my unborn - what a real estate motivator!!) Smiling Smiling so I'm sure you won't be able to miss me! Ha!

My arrival time to PHX: Friday --10:45am (I know I'm early! Best non-stop choice)
My departure time from PHX: Monday --12:10pm

Richie ---Thanks for the note!...maybe take a speed typing class between now and then...ha! (just kidding) Typing video games help (yes, seriously!...it's where I got up to my average 92 wpm) Smiling

Megan ---Thanks for all you are doing! Thanks for your awesome question/answer section above, and I'm PSYCHED about the videos too...thanks for answering that one! I will book my hotel TOMORROW...yay..thanks for that notice.

Cathy B ---Hey there!!! So glad you are coming...look forward to finally meeting you. This MADE MY DAY that you are coming!

Chris and Gena --- All the best to you...look forward to meeting you there!

Chip and Andrea ---hope to hear some more stories of success from you from the past year. Must feel awesome to be Edge "veterans", and previous speakers no less!! Years from now you'll be able to say "I spoke at Dean's first live event ever!!!" Smiling Smiling

Joe and Stacey ----Whoo hoo!! I just received my Empowering Conversations in the mail (the first videos) and of course you are on one of them. Can't wait to see it! And to get your full scoop this year at The Edge. Thanks again for all you contribute and teach on this site and through Dean's resources in general! Investors here live for your journal! Thank you!



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Congrats Louisa

Wow that is exciting and I'm sure a motivator. Our little boy is definitely a big "why" we do this.

We will let you know when we get our tickets!


Chip & Andrea Weule
AC Investment Group, Inc.

You're welcome!

You are very welcome. I am honored to be coordinating such an important event. I know you will all walk away changed people and in knowing this, I am very happy. Looking forward to meeting you.


Congratulations for ordering Dean's Empowering Conversations Series. This series is packed with such great topics. I really enjoy getting a new DVD pack each month as I eagerly await for the next series to arrive each time. I believe Dean and his guests provide so much terrific information, I usually watch each DVD several times to get every tidbit of information and tips. We were so honored to be part of the series and are happy to see others benefit from our techniques.

We are glad to hear you will be attending Dean's live Gain the EDGE event 2010. Last year's event changed our lives ans exceeded all our expectations! We are so thrilled and honored to be guest speakers at this year's EDGE event. I am working on updating our REO approach and our "Top 10 List" of the latest techniques, tips an strategies that we currently are using and can share with the group in great detail at this year's event so they can hit the ground running with closing deals. Good luck on all your future real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey


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Going to the EDGE!

This is going to be awesome!!
Richie and all, it will be great to finally meet everyone! DG Family is one-of-a-kind, definitely the kind of upbeat family you want in your REI life!
(Louisa, just think how much your little one is going to be experiencing. He/she's gonna come into the world an REI expert! lol)

Love to all! Smiling



"Obstacles can slow you down, but they can only stop you with your permission." Dean Graziosi (BARM pg 101)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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can't wait

Cab????? What for Richie? We will all be walking on air!!!!! Not one of us will touch the ground even once all the way there!!!!

Looking fwd to meeting everybody!


Ps. Is it May yet?


Join my REI group SouthCentralTexas ALL active motivated gogetters welcome Your location is not important.

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I'm with you. I'm getting out of this cold town and going to the EDGE. It's going to be a long haul, but I'll be there.

Got about 3 to 4 feet of snow the past few days and we are expecting another ten inches tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm looking at a picture of Tucon and Imaging how it feels.....I've never been to Ar and looking forward to meeting everyone.

really warm

I am visiting Tucson at the moment. It's currently even warmer than my home in Tx(Waco). Comfortable enough for shorts.
The EDGE event is taking place a couple of hours north from here in the Phoneix area but I think the temp there is about the same. "What's the temp like in the Phoenix area, MommaE?" I could look at the forecast or current conditions, but how does it FEEL?
I know in May it will be HOT!!! I bet in the upper 90s to lower 100s. Bring your shorts and swimsuit!!!! I bet the resort/spa has a killer swimming pool area.



Join my REI group SouthCentralTexas ALL active motivated gogetters welcome Your location is not important.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to accept money.

-One Step Closer

I'm in!

Really excited to be going and looking forward to meeting a lot of the DG family. Thanks to all for your posts and great information.


All the Best in Life!


well who else is in??? I am

well who else is in??? I am soooo looking forward to this.
I am all booked ,flight,room and cab. I am more worried that I wont be able to get all the info down at the meetings than anything.

Well the event is almost

Well the event is almost here!!! I really am excited and nervous about it all in one. I have high expectations for it and know Dean and team will deliver. I am already think about coming home to put what I learn to use asap.
I hope everyone that was planning on going are all booked and ready to go.
Meet you there in 22 days Smiling


How Exciting.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the EDGE. We are only 21 days away. I have one great bit of information to share with everyone. You will love all you learn.

If you are like Indian Joe you will walk away from the EDGE and apply what you learn and make thousands of dollars.

How fun.


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125


Sorry had to yell that out,

God is so good my original loan for the trip finally came through my reservation is CONFIRMED!! I am excited to say that i Gorgeous Frazier Real Estate Investor Newbie have took the leap of faith by purchasing ALL of Dean's books, networking via the dg.com site ENROLLING in the success academy!! and ATTENDING THE E.D.G.E event. :=) I am overjoyed, encouraged, and so filled with commitment to myself, my new dg fam, and to dean to take ACTION!! I was scared to trust and i do, i was scared that i might fail and i'm sure there will be some bumps, i am terrified of PLANES and never been on one, but its time to step out on faith. 2010 is the year that will change my life forever!! i'm so excited and i just cant hide it, i'm about to lose control and i think i like it =-)

I look forward to meeting all the people that i watched on the 09 home edge study course. Im coming alone so that means business card galore!! and networking!! i hope to get at least 150 business cards loll!!!

God Bless,

Gorgeous Frazier

Gorgeous Frazier!!

Live Event

just wanted to jump on this banwagon...I am going!!!
Richie from Brooklyn, the hotel told me that there is a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, I will have to confirm that if not, what time are you getting in to AZ, maybe our paths will cross if your cab is not already full, I am leaving from the Long Island Macarthur Airport with expected arrival early afternoon, I will have to check that also. Let me know we can compare notes..
I look forward to meeting everyone! see you there...


Dream and the future takes form, Believe and your halfway there, Work and climb to fulfillment!

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