Help Im scared to take the first step!

Help Im scared to take the first step!

Ok, I have studied and read and gone over everything about real estate investing I could get my hands on but I'm still scared! I undrestand the priciples and process but can't quite put it all together. Say I find an house and get it for 20% off how do I find a buyer before the payments become due. Or how do I show and sell it before I close? Won't someone be living in it? How do I get lists of buyers? What all will my agent be responsible for? I have no money 3 kids and I'm disabled so if I screw this up I will go bankrupt!!! I have no doubt that I can do this and be good at it, but all it takes is one in the beginning and the dream is over. I'm just nervous and that is all that is holding me back!! Silly huh! Also it seems like the only deals that I find are huge complicated deals involving multimillion dollar apartment complexes that I have no idea how to work.

Anyway help!! I guess it could be low selfesteem or confidence or something but I have never been really totally successful at anything, I'm always very close then it all falls apart! I'm scared that the same will happen here.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions along with any encouraging stoeies of how you overcame your fear!!!!



I am also like you but if you read the book and understand it, i don't think i will be hard for you to do it. Good luck!




I'm new at this too...

ok, i'm new at this too. I know there are deals out there to be found and I also am scarred to take the first step. Money is a big factor for me. I am in debt so deep that i can't afford to get into anything, not even DG academy...YET. But it will come. Hopefully with the help from others in the forum, ideas and suggestions, by the end of the year I will be debt free. So for everyone out there please feel free to give encouragement and suggestions. I think keeping in touch with everyone through these comments can only help. Keep an open mind, don't worry about being afraid because that will actually give you the strength to move forward if you channel your fear in the right direction.
I personally am going to use this forum to help me get through the first deal. After that i know the 2nd and 3rd and 4th an so on will all be easier. And the more financial freedom i have for myself and my family will make the rainbow that much brighter.
Remember, just go for it...


Breath Deep

Hey Bryan, first of all go back into Deans books and find the sections that address these issues that concern you! Then really focus on building your buyers list, and with each buyer write down in detail what there looking to invest in. Before you consider taking on a deal, look at your buyers list and see if you match a possible deal with someone from your buyers list. If you can make a match, that should take away lots of your worries. You can find buyers from RE/investment club meetings, posting on craigs list, as well local newspapers, put flyes up at supermarkets etc., also do a lot of networking. good luck mike...


If you do your research first about your area, the properties, do your drive arounds, go to the courthouse, etc. You will feel more involved. Also, like Mike said build your buyers list. The phone book is an excellent way to start. Lastly, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Put yourself out there and just keep plugging away. I haven't done my first deal yet either, but I only have one day a week to do the hands on part. The rest of the time I'm on Craigslist, looking in the paper, and whatever else I can do from my phone and computer. Good Luck.


Bryan, and Other DG members,

You have just hit on one of the hottest topics on this site. My partner Jeremy and I are no REI gurus but we have been in the trenches for some time and have probably failed more times than we would care to think about.
If I were to give 2 pieces of advise, it would be this.
1) Stay on this site always and continue to asks questions like you are doing here. All of the advise is for free and it comes from seasoned pros to newbies.
2) Join a REI group in your area. I have said this numerous times. At your meeting you will network with investors just like yourselves who are trying to do the same thing we all are. You will meet big time investors and small ones but the point to note is that this is all face to face questions and answers.
Heck you can build a good portion of your buyers list just from your club meetings.
3)There is no magic formula out there to motivate you and to make you get up and take the first step. It has to come from you. Sure you will be scared, but it is a good thing. Once you make your first contact with a buyer or seller watch how the fear just goes away. You and you alone know when it will be time to jump in.
I hope these suggestions will help just a bit.



Find Buyers

The first thing you need to do is build a buyers list and find out what they want. Are they looking for 3/2's in a certain area then searc for 3/2's in that area.
Finding Buyers: Attending REI's are great, but I know a lot of you do not live in areas where there are REI's. I recommend checking the newspaper and craigslist for rentals. Find out who is the owner and if they are looking for more rental properties. Do the same thing with any homes you see under construction/repair when you're driving various areas. Who owns the house and are they looking for more. Another great way is to check country tax records. If the tax bill goes to a different address than the the house listed. This could be a good buyer or seller. Buyer if they are enjoying the rentals and looking to expand. Sellers if they live somewhere else and are tired of the hassel.

Hope these are some ideas that will help you get started. The pressure definitely goes away a bit when you know you have a willing buyer for the property you've found. Then you can assign it or have a bird dog relationship set up where they pay you a set fee for finding the deals. Bird Dog's do not bring in huge amounts of money at first, but it does help you build a relationship and they may be willing to menter you as they go through some deals that you've found them. This is a great hands on way to learn the process and different approaches.

Best of luck and never give up!


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That does help

I just read your message. It was very helpful. I too I'm just starting and I'm very hesitent only because I don't have anyone to fall back on. It's just me so if something goes wrong.... OMG! What will I do?

I've read a lot of great stories on this site and I have a lot of good information. I not going to quit before I even get started.


Build Relationships

It's important for you to network, network and build relationships that will help you find sellers and buyers. You can start by posting an ad in your local newspaper or on craigslist to find buyers and sellers.


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To The New REI

You have already made the first step with no fear. Just by logging on to the DG website is a huge move. Everyone seems to know what they want to do in the Real Estate Area, it is just the process that seems daunting. This call for extensive reading of Dean's books and the accompanying reports which is very helpful to your success. Please do not feel bad. I acquired my first deal after becoming a DG member one year later. However, I was never discouraged that it will not happen. I remained determined and made it happen. You can too. Develop a plan, strategy and time-line for your first deal, and stay focused until it is DONE. God Bless.



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What you may not know

I know that many of you have seen my Sweep me Away contest video where I describe my first deal. One thing that you don't know is that I was scared to death! I knew nothing about Real Estate and had no idea what I was doing, besides what I read in Dean's book. One thing I was sure of is that I had to just do it afraid! I was afraid every step of the way.... what if i mess up, what if something goes wrong etc... But I was more afraid of remaining in the situation that I was in. I kept thinking "If I did not make it happen I was going to lose everything and stay broke and depressed. This was my only chance to change my life and I may not get another chance" so I did it AFRAID!

Now I am on my 10th deal and I look back and wonder what I was so afraid of. In reality I was afraid of the unknown and now REI has gotten much easier. It will get easier for you too but you have to take that first step into the unknown if you want to change your life. The first step is the hardest and then it gets easier I promise Smiling

Good luck!


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I was scared to death too....

Plus I made mistake after mistake on my second deal. It was my first assignment. The owner kept allowing me to make them, he knew I meant well but was new at it. He didn't care as long as the end result was the sale of his problem house. Which is what the outcome was, but I drug it out for months because I kept making mistakes and was just learning. Even after all that I still walked away with $25,000. The seller got what he wanted, the buyer got what he wanted and I made more money than I ever made working a job. This was six months after my first deal where I made $48,500. I still keep copies of BOTH those checks to remind me that I did it all by myself, scared and without really knowing what I was doing. If I can, You can do it too!


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If you are scared do this

Trust in Infinite Intelligence (don't want to preach but hey it helps)
Ask questions here
Google for answers if you can't find it here
Ask someone local if you have someone
After that, TAKE ACTION and the worst that happens is you learn from your mistake. This is not heart surgery, so someone's life is not on the line.




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