Help Im scared to take the first step!

Help Im scared to take the first step!

Ok, I have studied and read and gone over everything about real estate investing I could get my hands on but I'm still scared! I undrestand the priciples and process but can't quite put it all together. Say I find an house and get it for 20% off how do I find a buyer before the payments become due. Or how do I show and sell it before I close? Won't someone be living in it? How do I get lists of buyers? What all will my agent be responsible for? I have no money 3 kids and I'm disabled so if I screw this up I will go bankrupt!!! I have no doubt that I can do this and be good at it, but all it takes is one in the beginning and the dream is over. I'm just nervous and that is all that is holding me back!! Silly huh! Also it seems like the only deals that I find are huge complicated deals involving multimillion dollar apartment complexes that I have no idea how to work.

Anyway help!! I guess it could be low selfesteem or confidence or something but I have never been really totally successful at anything, I'm always very close then it all falls apart! I'm scared that the same will happen here.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions along with any encouraging stoeies of how you overcame your fear!!!!


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