"I'm waiting for them to get back to me." (don't wait)

"I'm waiting for them to get back to me." (don't wait)

"I'm waiting for them to call me back".

OK, lately I have found that this is where people miss some of their BIGGEST opportunities.

(I used to not be this way at ALL, btw! I have learned better. Smiling)

If you call or email an agent, a bank, a seller, a buyer, a contractor, WHOMEVER, do NOT wait forever for them to get back to you. Meaning CALL THEM AGAIN! Sometimes people do not take YOU serious if you are not persistent, especially if they don't know you yet. I have found that even the most awesome people and team members I work with can easily miss an email or not return a call right away. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and I have learned to be VERY SQUEAKY!!! LOL!!! (Also, on the other side of things, it's the people that are consistent in following up with ME that most get my attention. Took my property manager about 5 different angles and offers to get me to sign up. lol).
People in the business will respect that you are making an effort.

And come with confidence, a "What can you do for me?" attitude. When the bank (or contractor, or other office) is not moving fast enough for me, sometimes I will say "I hope I'm not overloading you. I could try to split up some of this stuff if you want, and give part to (so & so)". Inevitably, they move faster and say "No, no, we can take care of it for you."

I know that might sound bad, but it's really not. You will be helping to keep THEIR business running and you will always treat everyone fairly and generously (can afford to do so with the great deals you get), so a lot is expected from them too. That is how you end up with the perfect "Dream Team".

Moral of the story: The squeaky wheel gets the grease (and the $$). Smiling

God bless, and HAPPY INVESTING!!!! Smiling



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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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Great advise

Seeming too desperate does not project confidence.

RINA!!!!! Perfect advice. I


Perfect advice. I am an avid believer in making sure you know who I am and whatever deal I bring to you is in YOUR best interest to look into. Even if it doesn't work out, you at least know i'm serious and the real deal.

Another thing is not to depend on one or two individuals when a deal comes through; I normally to attention at least 10 of my contacts when a deal comes through that way time is not wasted and as they say 'first come first served' so I don't have to wait and depend. Thats where having a great investors list comes into play.

One more thing; Please oh please be upfront when you give your presentation; let it be known in the beginning what you are directly bringing to the deal. Are you the direct investor, you're referring the investor, you want to assign the deal, etc. Just saying 'i'm an investor" is not enough because I tend to go with you have the cash and contract.


Hope it helps

Great Advise

RINA-- have we met?

Great advise by the way. Another thing I do is let them know is that they don't get paid unless I get paid. I don't state it as such, but you get the jest.

Also, I'm creating backups to the plan. I always try to get two or three of a kind--like in cards, always trying to provide a way to trump the other guy if he or she doesn't perform to my specifications or they are too slow to respond. Always have a backup and expect the unexpected.

Thanks Rina

Sometimes Jan and I can be guilty of not calling someone back if they don't follow up with us, I will look at it in another light now and be more agressive. Thanks for the tip Rina!



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You go ahead and bug the heck out of them!

Hi Rina,
I agree, you've got to be persistent and have that tenacity.

Peace and Blessings,


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