I need your help!

I need your help!

Hello to anybody that reads this and thank you for taking the time to read this....I am in a desperate need of some advice on what to do, it seems that every thing I feel is a good deal or I think I can help somebody it goes bad. Here are some examples...I have a coworker that found out she has cancer so she wanted to sell her house and get something for her and her son to live in together...a duplex or mother inlaw house so I find every thing in my area for her to look at to see what she thinks, when I go to her house she tells me she is thinking now maybe she will just fix up her house so when her son needs to move in he can..ok deal gone can't help anymore. Next one,I have a friend thats getting divorced so she wants to buy a house,gets prequalified for 75,000.00 great! I start looking for her...then hear from another friend that she has a realtor that is showing her houses so I ask her if she still wants me to help her and she tells me that she found a house..all within 2 weeks! another deal gone...next a guy gets in touch with me about his house going into forclosure so I tell him every thing I have learned from Deans course he tells me he is just going to let the bank take his house because he is so upside down and he doesn't want the hassel of doing a shortsale..what do I do I can't make him do anything. Now I have a guy that wants me to find him 2 houses under 40,000.00 to buy..not easy but I found some,How do I handle this one? I am doing all this work and getting nothing in return.Help me soon I dont want to lose another one...Diane P.S. there is more but this is the most resent.


Hang On!

I am new here and you have done more than I have. But I would say keep going after that ONE! Soon those "No Thanks" will become "Thank You" . Someone on here said to repeat...."I Can Do It" !

Diane, congrats!!

You are really taking action! And you are learning from every experience - invaluable! Bruce is right on with his comment above!

As far as the current opportunity, awesome! If you have found properties that might interest him, you can either get them under contract (with and/or assignees, and inspection contingency) and assign them, OR you can sign a bird-dog (referral) agreement with him on each property before you show him. If he really wants props under $40K, and you have found homes in that range that are worth $60K-$80K, he will jump at the chance to work with you. Plus you will probably learn a lot as a new investor from working with him.

Good luck! And way to get out there and make things happen (never allow yourself to stay discouraged. Smiling )



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There is nothing you can do.

There is nothing you can do. You either take the job of looking or you don't

Only unless you had a license and signed an exclusive with them, but otherwise they can use as many realtors or options as they want

Ask upfront if they plan on using someone or/and ask them to give you X amount of time to fnd the place yourself before they look elsewhere


Turn it around and use that question as a reason why someone should

Hope it helps


Thank you for taking the time to reply. Did you ever have one of those days when you just cant think anymore...I mean its so upsetting to have gotten this far with no results yet. I am one of those people that say yes all the time to everybody, I think I am spreading myself to thin to really get anything acompolished. I will keep pushing forward I will make this work!!!!
In answer to the Question...I think someone should use me because Im honest,I will do all I can for you,I will get you a good deal, Im not greedy I want to help you. I can do this!!

Reply to Rina

Rina, I went and looked at some houses for this guy and trust me they wont be worth more than what they are asking without a lot of work..they are REOs so No Assignmets. one has no ac unit(stolen) and needs a new roof,the other one is a two story that looks like it has an insect problem..termites or carpenter ants,needs roof work on the back of the house and it looks like the second floor has water damage from the ac condenser. So I am going to call him to see if he is interested...or should I just keep looking because he might think I am wasting his time with this kind of house? I know he didnt want to do a lot of work to the house but what else is out there in that price range, How do people get these great deals? I have put an add on craigs list looking for people that need help to stop there house from going into forclosure,and looking for tired landlords but did not get the right response. How would you go about finding deals?

Finding Deals

Diane, since you are located in Fl, as well as us...check out estate yard sales; Dean put that in "our" chapter of the book because we have found several properties this way. I'm assuming that this other person is also located in Florida, looking for probate properties has better odds, because there are alot more of them, also since they are private sales, you can assign a contract, unlike a REO. If you have any questions, PM us; especially if that party is looking for houses under 40K out of the area, we have access to lots of them that will generate a nice positive cash flow. Gary & Jill

I did WAY more than that before I got results

I am sorry that you are having a tough time but realized that you are going to have a lot of failures on your path to freedom. Very few people get a deal done in weeks, most of us it takes us months and some even more. It took me 9 months before I got a deal done, and this was doing it FULL TIME. I don't know how long you been working at this and I don't want you to get discouraged but realize that the hill is steep in the beginning. Eventually you reach the top and than the down hill is much easier, just like this weeks video blog. Good luck!




helping your friend

I had a similar thing happened to me a few months ago when I told my friend that I would help him find a house. He turned me down and went with a Realtor and after some months he got his house. Maybe he was a bit picky but most people are with buying a house, specially through a mortgage. I was not mad and realized that I had to work harder not to lose the next guy. In the end, I am glad that he went with the agent because I was way over my head back then. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and realize that you may not be the first person for the job regardless of how nice you are. That should push harder to be the "best" for the job.





Thank you Martin, I have been doing this (joined the acadamy) since June of last year,my goal is to have the five deals done within one year. I know I am on this up hill climb and I will not quit. I will fly down the other side!!! I have gone through a lot more than I wrote about, I even have one deal done,I helped a young man buy his first house,more of a couseling thing because I made some mistakes...so I am learning what not to do! I am running out of time so I have to push myself harder now.

It sounds like you are on

It sounds like you are on the right track.Dont let the learning curve get you down.Jusk keep taking steps forward,one at a time and you will be there before you know it.Cant wait to hear about your first deal!!


"Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success"
Napoleon Hill




I don't know where in FL you're looking but I came across a 3/2 in Tampa for $52k that needs only $5k in rehab. If you're interested PM me or email me: admin@webuyhouses24-7.com for more details. They're out there you just need to uncover the right stones to find them. ;D


Cool Elena Cool
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3/1 with Remodeled Kitchen & Bath for $ 30K

This property needs about an aditional $ 2500 to $ 3000 in paint, carpet & some trim work...Will rent for $ 500 to $ 600 /month...And we have access to more of this type...They ARE OUT THERE ! Gary/Jill

Keep moving ahead

Diane, I know it feels like you are not moving ahead with these seemingly set backs, but Rina is right, these are learning experiences. You really are moving ahead because you are taking ACTION and you are actually learning things along the way. Think of it as a pipe line... you are constantly pumping into it and may not see the results at the moment but it will all eventually start flowing out. Your hard work will pay off.



Thank you Lisa for the words

Thank you Lisa for the words of encourgement! I hope it starts to pay off soon..I cant afford to get my son new glasses,contacts,dental work or get the animals there shots. I am living pay check to pay check these days because I charged everything to my credit cards for Deans Acadamy and the tax club. I so badly want to succeed at this so my life will get to where it is supposed to be....Freedom from debt!!!

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