Is It Possible?

Is It Possible?

Is it possible for a new investor with little experience, but great work ethic to make an extra $20,000 this year in this down market and cashflow an extra $500 per month. Will Dean's Academy show me how to accomplish these goals? Im just about done with Be a Real Estate Millionaire, should I read Profit From Real Estate and Your Town before starting? I'll do what I'm told, I just want to be equipped with the right strategy for this market. Here's to everyone's continued success and I look forward to connecting with you all. God Bless.


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This is my personal opinion. If I were able to join the Academy I would. It gives you that extra push, a seasoned investor holding YOU accountable for your business, helping you structure it well, run it, and that added confidence that you are making the right decisions. I say go for it. Again, just my personal opinion, I would join if I could.

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Absolutely..Those are modest goals and you can do it!!!It is possible to accomplish your goals in one deal!!I think you should read all 3 books at least once and see how you feel.If you feel "If i just had someone to give me that push" or you want the guidance or ability to call when your nervous or unsure,absolutely sign up for the success academy.If i had the money i would have already done it.As soon as i do my first deal I will be making the call!Beleive in yourself.If you believe you can...You can.Waiting to hear of your success.


"Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success"
Napoleon Hill


You're a 95%er

Sorry that you went through all the trouble to create a membership on just to sell your opinion as to why nothing works and we should watch out. I appreciate good advice but it has to be practical, not empty beware, beware, beware messages. Thanks but I've made my mind up to be different. Sorry that you've been beaten up one too many times and society has literally beat your dreams out of you. I don't believe in get rich quick but I do believe in get rich. Nothing happens overnight. Thanks for your opinion.

Many thanks

thebish and Bryan, thanks to you two for your encouragement. I am ordering Dean's latest 2 books and will finish the first. I am sucking up the info and look forward to understanding more about RE Investing. Going after your dreams isn't easy but doing something you don't like all your life for someone you don't like is so much harder. God bless.


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It's Possible

Just do a few assignments with some investors and before you know it, you'll be in the thick of things. Please explore all the websites that are selling foreclosed properties. And used zillow to see how much the property is worth.


Be sure to network with other investors.

You can do it with or

You can do it with or without attending the Academy

all new to me

this is all new to me,I have look at this for sometime now not sure if its right for me.I tried something like this afew years ago but it was'nt as easy as they said it would be,alittle skeptical on all of this.need to learn the ropes,looks like it would be fun to do and make money at the same time would be great!


Once you find an investor to work with aka find properties for. You will be doing assignment deals and yes it's not as easy but it pays off in the long run. Only pit falls is working with investors that change there minds on properties you locked up. And leaving you to either buy the with no end buyer or walk away from a deal and make nothing.

Assignment Deal

Assignments are for rookie investors, in order to raise there cash flow.