Hello everybody. My name is Edward. I submitted my first offer yesterday and I can't believe it but I just got the call and it was accepted. The deal is like this

Offered: 55K
FMV: 75-80K
Needs about 5k in repairs.

All I want to do is assign it for 2-5k. Could anybody who has already done any assignment deals please give me any helpful advice as in how to talk to the end buyer or what type of clauses I should use. I just really can't believe how the first one got accepted so quickly. I'm just so excited cause I can now see that there is another way to make money other than the regular routine. Shane, I appreciate the helpful tip you gave me. I checked that company out and they actually offer better terms than the other that i knew about. Keep pushing for the first man since I'm right around the corner from doing mine. Thanks everybody for any tips.



I'm a cash buyer/investor, where is this property located?

Is the 75-80K FMV value after repair or is that the value in its current condition?


congratulations for taking ACTION and getting one signed !! you will want to go up to left hand side top of home page just over the MAIN SECTION where it says search enter .....and enter assignment and read all that you can find .it will be more info and you will find MORE on the subject also enter clauses,or subject to, or contingencies .

you would want these clauses in your purchase offer when you first make an offer because if they accept and you dont or cant get financing or cannot assign then you will have an out.
as for the end buyer you want to let them know you are ASSIGNING the contract to them for a fee.
i have not completed an assignment but plan to.i HAVE locked a property up as you and did not have my buyers list started and could not find a buyer or someone to assign to so the offer was null and void when the date that was set in the offer ran out. another clause in the original offer should be contingent upon buyer financing or assignee financing.
anyone who has more info or has completed one please jump in as i have limited experience on assignments.
good luck ed and keep looking for all your answers!! way to go !!


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Hello. Thanks on the

Hello. Thanks on the replies socalrei and jbtoggs. Thats the price for it as the way it is. Appraised it would be 80K to 85K after repair. I live in NC. I will study more on assignment and do a search on this website. Thanks again guys.


Congrats on having your first deal accepted. Anita has a great post on Assignment, check it out.



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Congrats on the deal. Please

Congrats on the deal. Please let us know what happens at the end when you were able to assign it over and how the process was for you. Again conradulations and I look foward to seeing the post when you are done and paid!!

Bothell, WA


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on your first offer being accepted! I look forward to hearing the details after you close.

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Congratulations on your first deal.


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Great Job

Congratulation Edward on your first deal



May each day get better

Way to go

Good job Edward, keep it up and let us know how it turns out!



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Do I need to get an appraisal.

Hello guys. I'm trying to do like a business plan for my prospect buyer. I have a lot of pics. Lots of tax comp properties of the area, and I have an estimate of the repairs. My question is Should I get an appraisal done of the property after repair. The reason why I aske is because they charge anywhere from $200 to $500 dollars for an appraisal. Also is there another way to get an appraisal that anybody knows off. Thanks for any help you can give guys.

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