Strong Mental Fortitude

Strong Mental Fortitude

Consider for a moment the Olympics which have just concluded. What do those athletes endure? How do they train? How are they prepared to take on the greatest athletes in the world.

There have been many books written about and written by athletes of this caliber. One of the most common strengths that these elite athletes share is the ability to focus amongst all other obstacles to obtain the goal they seek.

These athletes will have people yelling at them, others that will tell them they cannot beat the best, and even the weather may become a factor... but in the end they are the ones that determine whether or not they stand on the podium after their success.

Some athletes pack up their bags ready for the loss and other athletes leave their bags expecting the win.

When we are involved in the business of real estate what type of investor are you? Do you pack ready to fail, keep the bags open? Do you see the goal when others are taunting you and telling you you cannot win? Or are you the dominant competitor that has left their bags open and will take the podium?


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