Which to Choose??? The EDGE or Success Academy???

Which to Choose??? The EDGE or Success Academy???

I have enough money to choose one of these to help me in my real estate investing career - but just one.

I would appreciate any input on which one my fellow DGers think would best suit me and their reasons why.

This may help me make a wiser decision. Thank you.



I say

I say it would make sense to invest in the Success Academy right now. You can always get to the next Edge Event. The Edge Event is a 1 day1 time deal. The academy can give you the continuous support and help you need and get you on your way faster. When you are doing deals and making money you can get to an Edge event with no problem and actually enjoy this event better.


I got my mind made up.....

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My opinion

I would get yourself into the accademy. The Edge Event will be available later on DVD. Then, next year GO to the Edge.

I've been in the same boat. I was hoping to make a deal before now so I would have the money for the Event. But, life gets in the way sometimes.

Next year!!!



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success academy

They are there when you need them and you can ask many questions and they will go in full detail on your subject and you will have access to videos that will break down a subject word by word i'm in it and I have not regret getting involved I would like to be able to make it to the event but I'm good whit a whole crew behind me all the way when I need them.

EDGE Event

EDGE Event by far. Belief is the thermostat that regulates your success. Nothing better to build belief than getting to interact with other students in person that have become successful. Easy decision.


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That's a hard one, BUT

While everybody makes a good point, I have to agree with Matt. There is something about getting together in person with so many like-minds and getting the hands-on training from Dean himself and all the other great speakers. Plus the networking and bonding that happens in such a place is phenomenal. You just can't duplicate the experience. Hopefully you would be able to join the Academy as well within a short time, but the EDGE is a one-time deal (and only the second time EVER that Dean has done this type of event). It will change your life. Just my opinion. Smiling


P.S. I agree with everyone's sentiments on the Academy, too, though. It is totally worth the $. But if I had to choose right NOW, yeah, EDGE. Smiling


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it depends...

what would motivate you more?

one on one interaction with the real people you see everyday on this site and the mingling of knowing that you are NOT alone and actually having others surrounding you that you can reach out and touch and talk to


a coaching staff there to support you via phone or email. Expertise and experience just a call or click away.

Basically.... its which one you would value more....so good luck


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speaking for myself i joined the academy first a yr ago and IT DEF IS WORTH EVERY PENNY although......looking back i think i would have NOT missed the edge if i had to do it again BECAUSE and only my feelings is.....from what these successful AWESOME people above have told you the edge is not something to miss although anita is right YOU have to decide what is for you.

but think of this. after you meet all these LIKE MINDED PEOPLE and network with them NOT TO MENTION MEETING DEAN. you will have the tools and CONFIDENCE and strategies and plan to get moving NOW. you will have a jump start to CREATE the money for the success academy too!! just think with all this NOW you can do 5 deals quicker and with loaded knowledge to get a refund with 5 deals in a yr.[if this refund is still available]

GREAT QUESTION !!! we got your back what ever way you kristin

only my opinion though


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I had the same situation and

I had the same situation and picked the EDGE event. I felt for me it would be more resourceful in the long run, actually meeting all the top succesful students and Dean and some of the coaches in person and to be able to pick their brains was what made my decision. I don't think you can really go wrong either way. If you are looking for long term support then the academy is the way to go. asking everyone to choose for you is not good anyway. That is a decision you need to make on your own.
Good luck what ever you choose.

Thanks for the Input

Everyone's comments have definitely helped me make up my mind.

KingJuss, Barbara, and lucio - thanks for your thoughts on choosing the Success Academy.

Matt, Rina - I was leaning toward the EDGE but wanted a bit more confirmation.

Anita - you said it best by stating I need to choose the one I felt would suit me best at this point in time, and you were 100% right! Thank you.

Jay and BC - appreciate your feedback tremedously. It sure helped.

And I feel honored to have been answered by some of the best!

I feel the EDGE will give me the push and personal connection with the great DG family that I need right now. Then once I get moving I will go through the Success Academy. Thank you so much for those who helped me with this important decision, and I hope to see you there!


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