The Secret of Confidence

The Secret of Confidence

Confidence is key to success in any calling. When one is
confident one need not be motivated! Motivation comes

Here's a secret about confidence: EVERYONE is confident.

Some people are confident millionaires, others are
confidently broke. Some are confidently happy, others are
confidently miserable.

The funny thing is that most broke, miserable, stressed out
people will DEFEND their's not they choose to
be that way, it's just what is true for them, what they are
confident about.

So here's the key...

Next time you catch yourself wondering why things are NOT
happening as you want in some part of your life simply ask
yourself the opposite question: Why am I so successful
at _________?

You wont have an answer, but it wont matter because the
simple act of asking the question over and over will give
you confidence. You can even ask it sarcastically.

That confidence will change your life, so take this wisdom
and put it to use and make it a great day.


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