finding an investment club

finding an investment club

Hello everyone,

My name is omar aka moneyman. I need the help of someone in finding an realestate club in my area, which is cincinnati,oh. I need the information becuase it will be the basis for me to start building my buyers list in my area. I will greatly appreciate any and all help. I have searched my area and to no avail i came up empty handed. So now it is time to ask the experts.

Thank you to anyone who can help me break this stalemate that I have encountered


You got to be kidding

Man, you must be joking!!

Check out this link

Much success in 2010; however start thinking a little different. Google "REIA clubs in and go from there

investment clubs

Thank you for the help i appreciate it. Its not what a person knows that kills the dream, its what we do not ask.

investment clubs

go to once their go on left column,go to resouses,hit investment clubs,hit your city and state and wall law.



invesstment clubs

thank you friend your help is so greatly appreciated.

Google rei clubs in Cincinnati, Ohio

I found this site ( By googling. If you dont have a computer on hand then you can search thru your yellow pages. Good luck with your success buddy.