I talked with someone from my local rei club and he has a cash flow game once a month. Has anyone heard of this type of game? Not sure what to expect, but I sure am excited to find out.



If givin the Opportunity please play the game, it will surely enlightening you and you will have loads of fun, i played a few times and it last for hours...enjoy


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You will have a blast!

Don't be discouraged the first time you play the game. It will be frustrating to learn the theory of how investing works and what Rich Dads Financial Statement looks like.

The only true assets are assets that put money in your bank account. You personal home, Cars, Gold, and everything else known as an "asset" are really only liabilities.

This game really makes you truly think different about Investing. Have fun and enjoy the game. Keep your Financial Statements.



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nice tool

yes it will teach you how to prepare your own financial statement and where you are mentioned the most important lesson u will learn is the difference between an asset and a liability. if it puts money IN your pocket it is an asset and if it takes money OUT it is a liability.great learning tool.
MAYBE DEAN will develop a DG.COM GAME in the future hey lets work on that idea??


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