Working Backwards

Working Backwards

After reading Deans "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" cover to cover, I began to skip around to get a better grip on certain topics. I began thinking that it might be a little more comfortable to work backwards starting with finding buyers, then beginning to look for deals according to what your buyers are looking for, or deals that money minded investors won't want to pass on. Then follow up with finding that right Agent to make to make the process of actually getting the deal thru a bit easier. Basically I just wanted some input on this thought.
If anyone has anything to add to this idea or maybe some thoughts on why this might not be such a good idea I would love to hear.


As long as Failure is an option it will always be the End Result..


You can move anyway you want to. Whatever process that you think will work, than use it. Nothing is set in stone here and you are free to take what strategy you like best and tweek it to make it work for you....Jan

I was thinking the same way

I was thinking the same way about finding buyers first then find what they want.

Create your own recipe...

Dean's book is like having a cook book. It teaches you how to make certain dishes using various ingredients. Use the techniques that you feel most comfortable with and confident about using, and cook yourself up a masterpiece dish! You've already got a good sound strategy going; I'm currently using the same strategy myself. Just take what you've learned and make it happen my friend!

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