A "Buyers Form"?

A "Buyers Form"?

Does anybody already have a "Buyers Form" that they could share with me that asks all of the questions you would ask of a potential buyer for anything like "contract for deed," "assignment," etc?


dean's site

on this site there is a section on the left hand bottom of this page's home page called Form and Documents, thats where you will find a lot of stuff you will need to use.


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"Buyers Form" List of Questions

Thank you, I looked in there but nothing seems to cover what I am looking for.

I would think that somebody on this site would have some kind of form that they fill out when they are talking to a new person to put on their buyers list whether they are an investor or looking for a contract for deed etc. I was just hoping that I didn't have to reinvent the wheel per-say and that I was covering all of the questions that should be asked every time.

If anybody has something like that - please let me know.

If you're trying to build a

If you're trying to build a buyers list you would want to know your buyers or investors criteria. You would want to now if they are interested in wholesaling, if they will pay you a finders fee, what area they are looking to invest in, what kind of properties they are interested in eg.(residential,commercial,duplexes etc.), what price range properties they are looking for etc, etc. Hope this helps. Good Luck.



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just look in the search bar.

just look in the search bar. Type in buyers list, and there are a ton of discussions on exactly what to ask buyers to qualify them. One thing I learned to make sure that your buyers are strong is if they are cash can they put $1000.00 down for earnest money or how much? Also proof of funds. If they are loan buyers to send you a prequal letter from a known money lender such as a major bank not a 24 hour HML. That just shows you that they are actually able to close strong and quick. That is what I have been told and it can only make that list of yours even stronger. Hope that helps and good luck.

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