Problems with Success Academy?

Problems with Success Academy?

I think I may have bought into the academy too soon.

I got DG's books, and within days of receiving them, I got a call regarding the Academy.

I was excited about Dean's program, and had my tax refund in hand, so I went for it.

Lots of good info there, but, I feel like I missed something somewhere. The very beginning of the course mentions how you should already have an understanding of Real Estate and already have a business plan in place.

Really? I thought that was to be part of the course?

At this point, I'm feeling VERY overwhelmed with the amount of info I'm trying to sort thru. I've got Dean's books, I've got the book and CD's the Academy sent, the Academy site, and THIS site. When I brought up feeling overwhelmed to the Academy counselor, I was told to just focus on their online program.


Should I have held off on the Academy until AFTER I read Dean's books? I really don't have anything bad to say about the Academy, I'm sure it can help, I just feel like I got ahead of myself and at this point have only added a monthly bill to my already minimal income.



Buyer's Remorse!

I am not part of the Academy yet. But I think you are going through a buyer's remorse. Write down the reasons why you made the decision and focus on those reasons. Do not let that little voice distract you. You have made the right decision, stick to it.


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


Dean has some great coaches in the academy. You are on the right path and taking action. What I would do is read Be A Real Estate Millionaire. Take a few days and read the book from start to finish. You will get a great understanding of RE and a better feel for things. After you do that, then I think you can get a lot more out of the academy and they can lead you on the path to deal making. Stick with it, take action and you will find your way to success.



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You are headed in the right direction. I joined the success academy, I spent every dime we had. I had just filed bankruptcy. I even almost called and got my money back. I sure glad I didn't. I have closed over 20 deals now with none of my on money. Because I didn't have any, and my credit score suck. I really have to give alot of credit to the coaches and Deans staff. I really used the hot line a bunch. Enough some of them new my phone number when it pop up on caller ID. I still use the success academy today. I just don't use it as much. If you need to talk feel free to PM me and I will call you. GOOD LUCK And use the tools they give you.




I am a Academy graduate also. I know very well how you feel. The big question, did I jump to join too fast. The academy courses put you on a fast track to success and yes the info can get overwhelming at times. My advice to you would be to take the course at your speed. When you are going into overload slow it down, step back for a day and absorb what you are studying.
At this point in my REI career, I have no reservations about joining the academy, I know it was the best move I could have made. My partner Jeremy and I are far ahead of where we would have been if not for the academy.
If you need anything, send me a pm and I will do what I can for you. Much success to you...Jan

THANK YOU for the words of

THANK YOU for the words of encouragement and offers to help!

I've been 'bouncing around' too much, trying to get too much done at once. Decided to step back and focus on one thing at a time.

I understand the basic principles in terms of finding a house, setting up buyers ahead of time, etc, etc. I used to flip cars for cash about 20yrs ago, and it wasn't too different from what's being taught here. What has me freaked is the greater $$$$ amounts. A couple of hundred dollars with a car is one thing, several THOUSAND with a house is a different matter! Then there's the extra paperwork, the different terminology, the different LIABILITY....oh, my! Jawdropping! Laughing out loud

It may take me longer than others, but, I WILL get there.

Thanks again!



John, You have got the game plan down now. Absorb what you can at your speed and then watch the pieces fall in place. When it gets too much, just step back and re-group....Jan

The Academy is Great

John I also felt the way you do. I was suddenly on "Information Overload".
Relax, take it one step at a time. Sometimes I would have to walk away from it and let a part sink in to my thick head. Once that made sense to me I would start again. When I needed help preparing a contract or something I would dial up the Academy Hotline. They are great and put me on the right track and never made me feel like a dummy. In fact I have them locked into my cell phone so even out at someones house I could get help if I needed.
I have not studied the entire course yet. Right now I don't need to know how to build a 747. I am still learning to fly.

This isn't a race. I'm in this for the long haul, so every time you gain another piece of knowledge you have that knowledge for ever.

Good luck John, you'll get there.
Dave England


David England

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there's not much i can say that hasn't been said.alot of us are learning as we go.the important thing for you to remember is-why did you buy the books?keep that first in your mind,you want to change your life.guess what?congratulations,you already have,you've taken ACTION!!!i haven't been able to afford the academy as yet and just reading the books and being on this site can give you brain freeze at times.that's when you're absorbing too much and none at all.step back and reread until the light bulb goes off in your head,then take another step forward.i'll bet you already know more than you think you do.feel free to visit my journal and others here for inspiration and are not alone here.keep moving forward,rob


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keep moving forward, rob

stressed !!!!

Things seem to be going in reverse. I have a couple that want a house but have a low credit score. I need to find a seller who will go for a lease option,to do a sanwitch . How do i approach the seller with my questions? Do I need to prequalify the couple? what do I need to know from the seller and the buyer?

You did the right thing...

I think at times we all get overwhelmed..I know I have. There is so much information that you gain from the Academy!! But remember, you can always call the coaches and they can get you back on track. Just take it at your own pace, but have a pace and keep moving forward. I am not a graduate yet, but I am working on it, I find myself going back an rereading sections. Or you come to a point and remember something you learning in an earlier lesson that you can go back to. You made the right move, keep at it!


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Everybody gave

Everyone gave the best advice. Just relax. Its not a race. It takes sometime. You have tools to help you so use them. Study ask questions. Apply what you are told. Relax and take more action. Don't get discoutaged when things don't happen as fast as you want them too. Stay focused. You mnade an investment in yourself, so now you are otu to get a reat return on it. Stick to it, don't give up. Persistence never fails.


I got my mind made up..... (buyers site)

GREAT Question

John I commend you for making the comment regarding feeling overwhelmed by the quick decision in joining the academy.

I have also felt the same exact feelings regarding the academy as my wife and i decided to join in December after Finally paying our credit cards off....

It has certainly been a lot to cram in and learn over the past couple months, but we are continuing to learn all of the strategies associated with making money through real estate. We are very close to our first deal and it has refocused us to REI and we have a goal for 2010 to close 5 deals so we can earn our money back! You should set the same goals and we'll see you at the EDGE event next year as successful grads!

Good Luck and glad you shared your concerns.


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What your feeling is very normal. The information overload can really mess with you sometimes. I felt the same way at first. But, I think it was Dean that said "consume it like you’re eating an elephant. Just take one bite at a time." Something like that. You'll get there. Just do it at your pace and step back now and then so you can catch your breath.



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Relax and take action

I live in LA County Iam in the academy my first two deals i made around 5k each with no money no credit...and im 22 If it wasnt for this i would never would had started in real estate investing...

When i was 18 i gave up because of acouple of realtors and brokers..

dont give up...

We are Here for You.

We as the coaches on the advisory line can understand the overwhelming feeling of getting started. I am sure others have felt the same way buy you will find as they have found that this business only gets better. The advisory line and the success academy is an excellent resource for you to help make this business better (look at randy248's experience).

We started as you have started.
We do what we want you to do.
We are nice.

We are here to support you, lift you up, and get you going.


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125


And don't ever give up. I have felt that very same overwhelming feeling several times. The academy has so far been wonderful. I am in the first part of the academy myself and going at my own pace. You will encounter a multitude of feelings about many things. For example, I'm in a hump right now trying to get over talking to people and feeling inadequate about not knowing what I'm talking about so I freeze and am working on overcoming that!

There is a wonderful tool on this site I used last night that will put into focus why you're doing this and to help encourage you to never give up (

You will do this, and you will be successful! It may take some time, but you will do it!


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