Starting out running.

Starting out running.

Hello All,
I am quite new here and have been spending almost all spare time studying the materials and going through the lessons in the Success Academy. I received Dean's two books, Profit From Real Estate Right Now and Be A Real Estate Millionaire one or two days prior to making what felt to me as making a GIANT leap of faith in joining the Success Academy. I have yet to afford myself the time to read the two books what with spending all my time studying guides and workbooks in the Academy.

Having just taken classes at the local college and doing surprisingly well, I came to the conclusion while taking a semester off while going through back surgery that while I was enjoying taking the classes and boosting my self respect, I was on a long road to achieving financial goals. A very long road....

The class on-line format the Success Academy uses is excellent and meets or exceeds the quality of the required on-line work my classes at college used. This immediately settled my nerves a good bit concerning taking the plunge. I knew I was on the right track.

My only question is: Am I cutting myself short by not taking a breath and spending time away from the lessons to read these two books? I'm sure they are excellent and don't want to miss out on something that might make a positive difference in my journey here.

Thank you for reading my novel here and taking the time to give me your thoughts.



My personal opinion

The very first thing I did when it came to Dean's Materials was Read Be a real estate millionaire. I felt like it gave me the Basics to the whole big picture of real estate investing. The Beauty of the book was it made me realize that you can make $$$$$ in any Real Estate Market as long as you do your research and know where the market is headed in your local region(supply and demand, big companies in your local area that effect jobs, properties in up and coming neighborhoods,etc, are all factors that you should be aware of). My very first step was doing a market analysis so I knew what was going on in my neck of the woods, and then I progressed from there. So I would personally suggest Reading Be a Real Estate Millionaire sooner than later.

If you're feeling fully committed and ready to make the Climb to financial freedom through real estate, then you've made the right decision in joining the Success Academy.

The Cool thing is since you already joined the Success Academy you can call them and have them help you do a Market Analysis.....And go from there

Thats My advice

Best of luck



"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop and look fear in the face. Do the things you think you cannot do. Tough times never last, but tough people do"


Thank you for that reply. I figured I should back up a bit. I've already completed the first four assignments and kinda felt I had shorted myself by jumping straight into the coursework. Juuuuuusssst a bit impatient with myself right now. Hate that I'm where I am in life at my age. Lack of work, along with a bad back combined to assist in shutting down a business I have been running for the past 7 years. A "friend" hired me on to help him with his flagging company, at 9 bucks an hour. I was charging between $45-$65/hr with my company and was extremely competitive in price even at that. Needless to say, $9/hr doesn't go far. My back has been repaired and I'll be out of my brace in two weeks, so now it's time to repair everything else in my life beginning with my profession.

I was a realtor back in 1990, so hopefully some of the work will come somewhat naturally due to previous experience. Lord knows any help I get from the Academy staff will be extremely helpful and completely useful. I've probably forgotten 99% of what I learned from back then, not to mention that things have changed just a wee bit over the last 14 years. I appreciate their guidance and will follow each and every tid-bit of instruction given by them.

Thanks again for your input. I have my second coaching call this evening and suspect he will suggest the same as you. Have a great day and I'll talk to you again.



Yeah, take your time on the assignments and the book reading. It can go into overload if you are not careful. But you have made the right move here. You will find you will be way ahead of the pack by joining the academy, I did and so glad for it.
I read you just got over back surgery. Hope your recovery is fast. When you start getting back to 100%, start looking to join a REI club. This is the next step in your investing career. Again, well worth your time. Much success to you in the near future...Jan


I hear you! Tons of information to be taken in here. Fortunately for me, I love learning! I am with a great coach......... he and I get along really well and its easy to tell that he really cares and actually shares my excitement about my future here. That is a GREAT feeling!

Concerning my surgery..... It took place on Jan. 18 and I was told that I'd have to wear this OH SO comfortable back brace for three months. I went in for my second follow up appointment with my neurosurgeon last Friday and he was really impressed with my recovery and told me I could start weaning myself off the brace immediately! I should be totally out of it by next Friday! I can't express how stoked I am about this! Thank you for the well wishes. I really appreciate that.

I have a bunch of contacts for investors clubs around my neck-o-the-woods and will be taking action on that this weekend.

Thank you again for the well wishes for both my back and my professional future. I too wish you continued success with your profession and wish you and yours a Happy Easter.

Sincerely Yours,
Cary.....or Norman......either works equally :>)

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