My first real life experience in investing.

My first real life experience in investing.

Hello, I'm a future real esatate investor and at the moment I am focusing on assignment of contracts. I've known of the community for a while now, summer of '07 I believe, but fear was the main instigator from me not engaging any further until now. I officially started by attempting to build a buyers list in November of last year but stopped from procrastination. Yesterday I called several investment clubs here in MN and felt confident enough to follow through with this venture.

As the title of the post suggest, today was my first real life experience in investing. I went to several homes that were for sell in my neighborhood and I have to say that this experience was unlike anything I imagined. Most of the homes that I went to, unbeknowst to me, had nobody in them, probably because it was midafternoon and people are usually gone during this time although some were actually vacant haha, so I have to call their agent representatives sometime in the near future. Interestingly, the people that I did talk to were not particularly divulgent when it came to talking about the most, the majority of them said to take a flyer and call their agent. Now that I think about I believe they all said that, go figure. I'm going to go another round and collect numbers of the reps and go to this open house that I passed.

All in all it wasn't horrible, I don't understand why I was so scared in the first place LOL, kinda funny actually. Also don't understand why the didn't really want to talk, they didn't even invite me in to chat with them, they all spoke to me at the door, maybe because I'm young and inexperienced, who knows. In time with experience talking to people I will develop confidence to be successful.

My interaction with these people involved a variation of the "15 Questions to I.D. Motivated Sellers FAST" from sistreat if anyone wonders what I said to these people.

Self diagnosis: I was nervous talking to new people, there were plenty of likes/ums/pauses in my speech that projected fear and insecurity, constant movement on my behalf, wasn't very direct with my intentions I merely said I was interested in knowing more about their home and went on from there instead of projecting that I was willing to purchase within the week.

Any thoughts???

Thank you,



CONGRATS!!! you are taking

CONGRATS!!! you are taking the first step,just do something RE everyday and it will get easier.Best of luck!!!!


"Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success"
Napoleon Hill


Thank you bish!!!

Thanks for that,

I was going to try to do a little RE on a daily basis just to build experience and confidence.

The owners not talking much did kind of get to me you know, for some reason it's been buggin me since I made the post. How can you develop rapport with the seller if they're not willing to talk to you, if you establish rapport with the seller they're more willing to decrease their asking price a considerable amount. It's just me rambling on I guess, I'm thinking to much of this and more importantly I'm thinking to far ahead than I am at the moment.


It is called practice. The more people you talk to the more comfortable you will get with it. We all go thru it and in time you will rattle questions off just like a pre recorded message. I went thru it, my partner went thru it and it gets easier as time goes on. The more secure you are with yourself, the more you will project it to a possible seller or buyer. Stick with it, it will come...Jan

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