I CHALLENGE anyone!!

I CHALLENGE anyone!!

Hi DG family, I challenge anyone out there to find a few true, qualified buyers in Johnson or wyandotte county Kansas. I have tried everything and ALL of the "buyers" are actually assigners!Maybe someone knows something I don't. I have been trying diligently since november. Thanks-


I deserve success...PERIOD! Reggie Peoples-

Hi R. Peoples

Sorry, I am not familiar with Kansas. Instead of "finding buyers", you may have to try a different approach. I live in California and we have lots of available properties here. Hopefully, somebody else can pass along some information about your area. If not, you may have to consider purchasing properties outside of those counties. Blessings and Good Luck to you.

Kathy Van Dyke

Hi Reggie

I think Kathy has a point. You might have to go outside your area.
It is possible.

I actually live in Israel and I have just found 2 agents, one in Colorado and one in Illinois to work with.

We should start the ball rolling in a few weeks from now - I'll let you know how it goes. Smiling

I admire your persistence. I feel you gave your area a fair chance. Now it is time to try a different area.

Keep it up... you WILL find a great area you will be able to work with! Smiling



Just jump in, make your mistakes-use them as stepping stones and make your dreams reality!


Have you posted on craigslist or yahoo properties yet? Sometimes on Cl you have to update your ad every 3 or 4 days to keep it on the current day.

Have you joined a Real Estate Investment club? If not you are missing out on a huge chance to network with other investors in your area. You say everybody out there are trying to assign deals. Well if that is the case there has to be a wholesaler on the other end to take the deals to hold or flip or lease/option.

Have you tried bandit signs for the deals you have?

Somewhere you are missing these potential buyers. Out of these 3 suggestions, I would concentrate on a REI club. Hope this helps...Jan

Not the greatest fan of CL

Not the greatest fan of CL to rely on for most of your work, but check out



I stand by these sites because on these you can see the people you directly do business with and you know exactly what their professions are instead of the back and forth, fake investor issues w CL

Also you might want to change your title to 'In need of assistance' or 'I'm asking anyone'. If you're challenging someone, there has to be a prize or gift attached normally. What are you providing if someone finds you buyers???

You're asking people to do your job for you; at least be courteous

If there is a REI club

If there is a REI club meeting you can attend ,you can ask the organizer to introduce you to actual investors.
All the above advice is sound too. I found a some investors on kijiji.com & backpage.com.

good luck and never give up.

Try this

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