Tax Payment Need

Tax Payment Need

Can you tell me my next step to recover from a missed property tax payment that has now been payed by someone else. I am in the state of --. It has not gone on record yet since last month but I have checked the tax records and that is what it says. how long do I have to get the property from under this by paying the tax and how? I know it takes about 6 weeks to set up an LLC so that I can put the property within it or does it?

I received this message and wanted to allow others to gain from the information as well.

I does not necessarily matter who this person is but the situation may help others.

Taxes covered by other people can be paid off by those that originally missed the payment. You will pay the payment to the county or government which you owe. You will also need to pay an interest or penalty for missing your payment.

Most states allow a 6+ month period in which to cover the back taxes and the penalty. However, if you miss this you may not own the home any longer. You will need to check with the county / government in which you reside.


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