Real Estate Guru's

Real Estate Guru's

Hello To Everyone Today:
I wanted to post something today regarding something I have been seeing alot of in my email. I blame myself in a way, but did not foresee the outcome.

I have been getting alot of emails from individuals who are making outrageous claims, in the area's of short sales.

In the interest of not writing a book here, I will be brief. I am always looking to educate myself on subjects in real estate that I do not know alot about.

Short sales is or was one of those areas, I should say. I responded to a free ebook ad, from someone I do not know. I will not mention his name. He claimed to be doing well with this area of investing. Never at the front end, did he say how well, but did say well enough to be able to invest full time.

I provided my email address and away it went, the beginning of nonsense. I got the ebook and it was like 49 or 55 pages, and the information was a good primer on the subject of residential short sales, it had a little bit of commercial in there as well.

Next came the nonsense and it has not stopped yet and I am okay with this, as I need a good laugh at the end of a day from time to time.

The next email was about just how well he is doing. He said he does a minimum of thirty short sale deals a month. I emailed for clarification as to whether he originates thirty deals a month or closes thirty deals. He wrote back and said, he closes thirty deals a month minimum and puts $100,000.00 a month in his bank account. I asked where he lives and stupidity set in, he gave me his home office address.

He lives in Florida and I have a residence there as well, so I drove to his address. I expected to see a nice home, nice cars, as anyone would.

I seen shanty homes in New Orleans worst neighborhoods better than this persons home and I saw a ten year old car in the driveway and it was not a luxury brand. So I knocked on the door and his mother answered and I asked if this guy was home. She said he would be home in a hour and thirty minutes. I said from his office and she said what office, he works for a day labor service.

My point in telling this story today is this. Watch out for the so called Guru's, who talk the talk and cannot back up what they say.

There are so many people selling real estate information in the marketplace today, most want large investments from people, it usually starts at $997.00 for someone to tell you their secret and to help you make money as well.

I have been doing this awhile and there are no secrets in real estate investing. There is a right way and a wrong way, but no secrets. Short sales for example, there is only one way to put together a short sale package for the lender, not some secret words on paper to get the deal.

Watch out for these so called Guru's.



you went to dudes house??? Thats brave man. Be grateful you didn't get a beatdown for that lol


you went to his house... lol, I need this laugh today. I feel your point. People need to be aware of these so called guru's that are just trying to still money. Good post, lol


"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Ghandi

Yes I Did

When someone tells me that they are doing well and they are making that kind of money, I need to see if they really are.

I purchased Dean's books to see if he was really doing something right or doing what so many others are doing and that is selling recycled, outdated information.

When a person has no knowledge of real estate, anyone who seems to know something about the subject can take people's money and leave them unsupported.

If Dean did not have this site and the community, I might take a different approach to my thinking about him.

NY Times Best Seller list, well if you sell 250,000 books to people who know nothing, then you'll make money.

I see experienced people here as well as brand new, so I believe in the information Dean makes available.


I like that move, truly that was beautiful. We get the same thing here on this site from time to time. They are usually scamers about financing your deals with up front costs. We have exposed a couple of them.

But again, hats off to you man. Nice move.....Jan


Nice! I was just at my REIA meeting last night and we had some speakers talking about seller financing. Their topic and info was relevant, and I took lots of notes. But there at the end was the pitch, "special price today" $997 for the cd's and info and 2k for the boot camp. When I saw Deans infomercial, I thought " I like to read, and I may learn something, and it's only 19.95" From those books and this site, I was able to do a deal.


Cathy B

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RE seminars

There is absolutely nothing wrong with them as long as you know at the end they're going to do the


There are generally people there that own several homes and invest but are always looking for other methods. When you see ads from Trump, The Rich Dad guy, Deans, etc. you should go. Good networking opportunities there, just use the one or ones that fit into what is best for you

I Was Thinking Last Night

There is nothing wrong with education and learning all you can, so you have all the tools. The better prepared you are, the more success you can have.

I have known a few individuals in my time who became instructors for these seminar companies and I have been told directly that they get 10% of all the revenue from products sold. Once they reach certain thresholds, they get a bump to 20%.

It is not uncommon for a good instructor to make $25,000.00 per day. I was thinking last night that I am in the wrong business, but really I am not. I enjoy what I do, I am good at what I do and I really like the feeling I get inside when I close a deal and that deal resulted in someone selling a property they needed to really sell.

Thanks everyone for their input and know that if you tell me your making alot of money and your dumb enough to give me your address and you lived in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area, I will knock on your door too, LOL.

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