Hello everyone,
It is amazing how FAST and QUICK things can change we WE DO CHANGE. I have been really on the move. I have been to DEAN presentation here in Atlanta a few weeks ago. I reread PREM. I set up my 800#; I have gotten a dynamic Real estate agent who is willing to run with me. I am getting my flyers and bandit signs ready for when I am out of school in two weeks.
I have to say that Indiana-Joe inspired me with Craigslist and Ebay(This past 2 weeks I have made a $250.00 PROFIT).
I would like to talk about that amount a little bit. Although it may seem SMALL, Dean said in the "THINK A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT" JOURNAL, "set an accomplishment goal".
And these $250.00 are a clear message to me I am being successful.
Success according to Earl Nightingale is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. The Craigslist and Ebay clearly taught or are teaching me that everything is possible and my limitations WERE self-imposed. This has allowed me to TRULY BELIEVE (TO Be and Live)that there are no circumstances particularly strong to defeat me in the accomplishment of my purpose and goals.
T. Harv Eker in his book "The Secret of the Millionaire Mind " said it beautifully and I quote him:" IF YOU HAVE A BIG PROBLEM IN YOUR LIFE, ALL THAT MEANS IS YOU ARE BEING A SMALL PERSON."
My goals are clear: keep on making money on ebay and craigslist to pay for my Academy classes and two years from now(I am already doing it), not even focus on my teacher's pay check, but teach for the fun of doing it. I teach my students financial literary based on the Rich Dad, Poor Dad philosophy. I will start Financial Literacy classes for young people K-12. I am on course and the Dream is becoming reality every single second.
I thank all of the DG family in particular DEAN, INDIANA JOE, ANITA, these have inspired me in ways you do not know yet.
Thank you!


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


It doesn't have to be real estate to bring you to the next level, but just the fact that you learned it from this site tells you that this is just the start for you.
You were inspired by 3 great people here. Much luck to you in the future...Jan

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