Its Tonight!!

Its Tonight!!

Well Dgers, tonight is my first session with the success academy. Im finally gonna take the first step, and not let my fear control me anymore, any thoughts or advice? THANKS MIKE..


If a question pops into your

If a question pops into your head, ASK IT! Don't listen if you think it's a stupid question, just ask! So much of this is asking questions and learning.



"He who is mighty has done great things for me...He has...exalted those of humble estate; he has filled the hungry with good things..." Matt. 1:49-53


IF you can put it on a speaker phone and record it. I hear that they talk at a fast rate because they have so much extrodinary information to give you. That way you can rewind and listen over and over. Good luck with the academy. They are great!




congrats and good luck

congrats and good luck mike!!! you made a good decision. Don't cheat yourself and give it 100% honest effort. And dont be afraid to wear those phones when you need advice Eye-wink.



Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated, MIKE!!

Great job mike!!

I too just joined the academy last wends and they are open to ALL questions!! My advice would be follow and implement what they say step by step!! Make sure to set your goals and follow through. Also start a rei journal it allows you and us to go through this journey together. Good luck and look forward to your success.

God Bless,
Gorgeous Frazier

Good advice!

Gorgeous thanks, and hows your success acd. experience so far? mike

Good Luck Mike!

Hey Mike,

I started with the Success Academy just about a month ago now, it has been an amazing time so far. Be ready for information overload! Within the past month, I have submitted many offers on homes, been able to secure limited financing, but have always had someone there to help out whenever I had a question.
I just had to walk away from a deal I was working on because of drywall issues here in Florida, there are so many unbelievable deals here, that it is CRAZY!! I am in the process of building a buyers list, and just today I attended my first REI group, it was a lot of fun, and very informative. I didn't have anyone offer to take me under their wing just yet, but did get a few names and phone numbers. I believe that the Success Academy is there to help you, so don't be afraid to ask questions, I have asked several questions, make sure that you have a pen and paper ready for all the info, and also for your questions.
I am still trying to figure out when and where I will be getting the money to pay back the tuition. One word of advice on that as well....Make sure if you have a significant other, they know-sooner than later, it won't hurt so bad. Just speaking from experience, but the butt chewing I received from my wife was just that much more of an incentive to get things moving.
I am also looking forward to next week, Wednesday-Friday as Matt Larson is coming to town for my "visit". I am actually very nervous, but very excited to learn from him!

Best of luck, and doesn't happen overnight, believe me, I know!

Bill Lainhart

Mike and Bill

I have had much success actually i have been able to secure a partner actually from the dg fam that will do all the research on properties and connect them with her buyers all i have to do is the foot work of showing properties and signing contracts then we split the profit. How Sweet is that??

And Bill,

Great job taking action you jumped right in without looking back and it too will pay off. MATT LARSON coming to mentor you!! I WISH!!! hes great and im sure with that knowledge you will be a millionare in no time!!

Keep up the good job guys!!


Hey Bill thanks for your insight its very helpful, and as Gorgeous said MATT LARSEN your mentor, whats better than that?? Hey Gorgeous, in glad the success acd. is working out for you, keep in touch all, mike... WELL now bad news, my coach called while i was out cutting my lawn and had to cancel my session for tonight, family emergency. Now i have to reschedule, so sorry, MIKE

Go for it Mike!

You will not be sorry....go for it!


... Verses: 35 "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary, They will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31 ...

Call Damion in CT

Hey Mike long time since we last spoke so give me a call so we can partner up on some deals here in our own backyard. email me at damion davidson at g mail dot com or call me at 860-949-3513.
Damion Davidson


I will never give up on anything I do!!!

It's ok!!

They'll be another day don't worry,

and look there a partner already!! Loll I'm in Northern New Jersey so anyone looking for hott deals I got them pm me!!

God bless,


Hey already for my first session and its a bust, lol.. Yes my coach will call me tommorrow and reschedule, oh well it wasnt meant to be for today. Thanks to all DG members who commented, ill keep you posted, mike..........

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