Assignments or Bird Dogging?

Assignments or Bird Dogging?

I have read a lot of post on here and none of them seemed to hit the nail on the head.

Assignments or Bird Dogging: Which would be better for absolutely no money down investing.

And what would be the best route for execution?

I seem to fit in the category of "no job and no credit". My wife is 100% behind me on this endeavor and as soon as we start getting deals she will be able to free up more time and we will be doing this together as the wonderful team that we are. This is our dream and our passion!

And if it helps, I have been taking the courses from PMI for about two weeks now. I tend to jump ahead a lot and I feel that I am overwhelming myself.



Birddogs are good But may only get you $500 to $1,000 Pay check

Assignment deals are Good & will get you A Bigger Check

But With Birddogs Theres NO MONEY , NO CREDIT involved what so ever Because you're Finding the Property for the Investor & he/She pays you A Fee .

You can have them pay you On the Hours you Work If you do BirdDogs .

Thanks for the reply

Thank you so much! I am not trying to sound greedy, but I would like the fatter check. I dream of wealth and the lifestyle that I so badly want for my family. Is there a way to do assignments with no money down?

Hello Robert

Have you read Dean's books? He explains in them how to do assigning without using any of your money.



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Thanks Cindy!!

Yes. I have read Profit From Real Estate Right Now! I don't want to say I rushed through it, but I did read it from cover to cover in about 4 days. I will go back through that section and go through the Assignment course with PMI. If I have any more ?'s from there I will be back. Thanks again to everyone!!

Rob G.

Bird dog or Assignment?

Both methods have their place. It all depends on your buyers. The more analysis and effort you provide should be compensated. Always watch out for your profit, set a minimum and if you can't reach that level of compensation on the deal, move on and look for another deal.


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