I must not be doin it right!

I must not be doin it right!

Hi DG fam, I am having an issue with getting these agents I come accross to FULLY understand what I mean when I say I am ASSIGNING a home to another investor.

How should I tell them that I am looking to do this? Should I say I am the buyer or shouldn't I?

I need the agents to completely understand my concept of assigning! Help me out please! How did you all explain it so the agents comprehended what you all were doing?

Thanks alot!


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You are

Yes, you are or your LLc is the buyer and you are assigning it to an end buyer so ther would be a double closing. So you will buy the house from the seller then you will sell the house to your assignee.
Hope that helps


Jay C

Earnest money

I've heard of deals going south when the owners demanded earnest money and X amount put down at contract here in NY.

This is normally demanded by the owner as a suggestion from the agent as so their time is not wasted if a direct buyer is not found. How is this off-set elsewhere???