Hey DGers, im just geting going and im gonna start by birddoging, and contract assignment. Do i need to establish an LLC to do these RE deals? Thanks Mike


No LLC necessary for now,

No LLC necessary for now, but if you want, you can go ahead and get one. You can start building your LLC's Credit history. Blessings to all. LA


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Not necessary

No, you don't need an LLC at all. I only got one to build credibility and to protect myself in the event I were to ever get sued. Not that you would get sued for bird dogging but I just got one because I do other things aside from real estate investing such as getting people cash they need to fund their business objectives. My website explains it better but no you don't need one down. If you do decide to get one though, the route will cost you around $600 bucks and then you have to renew your LLC each year for $126 bucks a pop.

Starting off you don't need anything but passion and desire. Good luck.


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Hey Brian and Gary, thanks for the info it was very helpful. Good luck to both of you with your REI.. mike.



Check out the LLC info of what we are going to do about it under our GROUP Middlesex County CT Investors that I told you about previously. I want to make sure you read it. Hope it helps you.


Anna T.


Chesloe Properties, LLC
Middlesex County, CT

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