The EDGE event

The EDGE event

To all the newbies on the site that can't make the EDGE. I want you to know that I was that newbie last yr. I tried as hard as I could to make it there, It burnt a whole inside of me that I couldnt do it, I even lost sleep thinking on how it could change my life forever. I promised myself and told my friend Rina that I would make it the following yr. I saved a little here and a little there all yr. Well now I am going this yr like I promised myself. So don't give up. If you cant make it this yr ,make it a point to make it next yr. Save a little each week to make it to the event that can change your life. Never EVER give up on your dreams.I didn't.



Keep this in Mind

Focus on your end goals and do the work. You can make it happen.

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