Ways to Buy Mobile Home on Lease Land for CHEAP!!!

Ways to Buy Mobile Home on Lease Land for CHEAP!!!

Each county in the USA holds tax sales where they look to recoup the delinquent taxes on properties in that area. Real and Personal property are normally auctioned in different auctions. Mobile homes on leased land fall under the personal property category and are taxed as such. In most caes, you will find that they are held once a year for the previous years taxes. Most mobile homes have a lower tax rate due to them being personal property, so you could realistically buy a mobile home at a personal property tax sale for very cheap. I have seen them as low as $85 to $15,000. The $85 tax amount was on an older run down trailer worth around $10,000 once fixed up and the $15,000 was on a brand new double wide worth around $79,000 in that area.

Another way to get mobile homes on leased land for cheap is to contact park managers and ask if they have any abandoned properties they dont want to deal with. Many park managers do not like dealing with the older mobile homes in the park. If you agree to fix it up, pay lot rent from that point on, they will in most cases help you with the filing for abadonment of title with the DMV. I have gotten mobile homes for $52 to apply for this and then I had my repair costs and lot rent. It is a great way to gain the trust and favor of the park manager for future leads and deals and add a property to your portfolio.


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