One way to get started for a finders fee

One way to get started for a finders fee

If you are timid and terrified of the whole real estate process, you can still make money in real estate investing by being a bird dog. In some cases, you might be a bird dog for other more experienced real estate investors or even real estate agents.

If you have bandit signs up, real estate classified ads, and a voicemail set up, you can simply collect these leads and pass them onto other parties for a finders or bird dog fee.

I recommend having an agreement in place to protect yourself and make sure all parties involved understand what is expected and agreed to. I have attached one to this post. It is an example and not anything else. It is up to you to review and determine if it meets your needs or needs to be modified by your attorney.

The amount these parties will pay you should be agreed to upfront and you should establish when this money will be exchanged. It is best to get the money sooner than later. They are paying you for the lead and nothing else. They might have outrageous requirements, so it is up to you to understand what they want you to do in exchange for the fee they will pay and determine if it is worth it.


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