i was just wodering if anyone has heard of the new laws on this subject,i heard it was trying to pass into law that you could not do this anymore,and that you had to get a realtor's license to do any further deals. or is it just in select states. this would not be a good thing.


hey dale

i dont have an answer for you but by my posting this it will reactivate it and perhaps someone will post some answers...

bird doging

thanks i was just wondering if anyone was reading that post. dale


I live in Charlotte,N.C. and I heard something about that the other day , but I wasnt sure if it was just N.C or every state.If I find something out I will get back to you.


Maybe I'm just dense but... could bird-doggin' (telling an investor about a property for sale and receiving a finder's fee) be illegal? Then I guess all the internet dating websites that charge a 'finder's fee' UPFRONT (whether you find a date or not) better be lookin' over their shoulders at any legislation restricting this practice, right? Smiling Laughing out loud


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