Gain the EDGE! Stop Spinning your wheels.

Gain the EDGE! Stop Spinning your wheels.

I have learned some great things already while being at the EDGE. Not just about Investing techniques, about myself and the others around me.

I have confidence in my abilities to invest in Real Estate, but more importantly I believe everyone at the Event who applies what they learned will see great changes.

This post is to remind everyone of what Great Changes are. Every time you make a phone call and talk to a seller you made a great change towards your future. Whenever you look at a house and see a potential deal, you just took action in the right direction.

Sometimes we will feel like we are just spinning our wheels and not going anywhere. Have you ever seen a Drag Race? What do all the drivers do before they go to the stage lights, they spin their wheels and do a burn out. More importantly they stop spinning their wheels and get ready to go full speed very fast.

If the driver just kept spinning his wheel he would eventually burn his tires to nothing and blow them up. Now he can't even race.

I hope that everyone who reads this post Will be inspired to realize that when you feel like your wheels are just spinning, remember that you are just getting ready to go full speed very fast.

Jake Greer


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