what is the term leasing option?


Double Closing

I have been trying to do double closing but have been unsuccessful. Having problems just getting it under contract. I have a buyers list from being a member of a REI Club and a few other places I can just list to get other investors that are flipping. Trying to do foreclosures since they are a good buy on the market. But it seems as though there are too many adendums to work with, banks are asking that they be held for 90 days before you can resell, or assign to another buyer. This is Ok if you are going to flip but not to do a double closing on, any suggestions. Also, I saw a commercial that Dean was doing and said something about a program that you can do some investing just on the computer what is that?

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To Add a Little More

The lease option is broken in two parts: Lease and Option.

The lease is the rental. This is just as any other rental.

The option is the purchase ability. This is essentially like a real estate purchase contract with a long period for closing. Instead of 30 days to close the option would hold 1 or 2 years.

Put them together and you have rental with an option to purchase the property in a future date as Drew state.


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deed interest

Hi, my name is Tony. I have a seller in foreclosure who just wants out. There seems to be someequity in the property. She is willing to deed the property over to me b ut I dont know what happens next or what to do NOW ! Somebody HELP ME out there NOW ! im SCARED.............