Naming you Real Estate Investing Business

Naming you Real Estate Investing Business

Hello everyone,

For as long as I have been a member of this site, I have noticed that a lot of people give their Real Estate Investing forays actually names, like a company. To anyone who does this, I was wondering, did you have to register your company's name? For example, if I wanted to call my Real Estate Investing project WalFox Investments, would I have to register it with the U.S. Gov? Or would I just name it and go forward?

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no you have to register the name with the state you live in

YOu have to register it, because they have to look to see if the name is taken already:

You have to form one of these things in your state you live in:

Sole Proprietorship
S corporation
C corporation

I suggest an LLC because its the easiest out of the four and it does not cost that much to start. It shields your personal propety from the business, in case you woudl to get sued. is the best place to form it, they do everything for you and in the package you can have legal advice for a year free with it.


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Good Question?

Hey Walter, ive recently tried to register my name in the state i live in first by contacting the state government. They told me i can only register my name with them, by forming an LLC, or corporation (which im not ready to do yet). They told me then to contact my town officials and try to do it there. So i did, and they told me that i have to register my name in every town that i want to do buisness in. Thats crazy, so im not sure how to handle it yet?? mike in ct..


Don't forget your EIN number. call your secretary of state office. They will be able to help you'



Thanks for the help

I am planning on working remotely (I live in N.J., but I want to work with properties in Phoenix, or L.V.), would I have to register in those states as well as my own?

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I have been with this program since March and I have not made one dollar so far. Not because I don't want to but because I have been working excessive hours for the last 45 days. I have not had time to get on the web to study information so I can get started. can someone PLEASE tell me what zi need to do so I can get a deal going ASAP while I have a break for the next 30 days of work. i have become so frustrated because I really want to work this. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE COACH ME!


From what I've read the only time you don't have to register a name is if you are using your own personal name as your business name. Some people also have thier name as a trust

Getting LLC

We're in Arizona, and just getting started. We want to get an LLC but not sure how to go about it and, money is short. Any suggestions? Thank You!


check into "doing bussiness as" does not give you the liability protection as an LLC but will get you started

Yes You do have to register Here's How

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Hi, I am new to this and


I am new to this and just finished reading Be A Real State Millioner
and I am completely overwhelm with all the info from what I understand I
need to get an LLC, does anyone know how much it cost because money is tight right now but I really wan to get involved in this. thanks in advance.

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