Assignment Deal Question-Using Realtors

Assignment Deal Question-Using Realtors

If I use a real estate agent, can I lock up properties and assign them to an end buyer? If so, how would the real estate agent get paid.

Also if I am using a real estate attorney, how would he get paid in an assignment deal?


Assignment Deals Via Real Estate Agents

I have the same question as manifest11. I just got off the phone with a Realtor, but wanted to know how to assign properties through seller's agent?

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The agent is acting as your

The agent is acting as your "buyers agent". When an offer is accepted by the seller with your "and/or assigns" you then assign the contract over to your buyer. Here is how your agent gets paid. Your Purchase and Sales contract says who the agents (both sellers and buyers) are, what escrow co is being used, title co. etc. When you assign your contract your buyer is still using your agent. That is the deal. They can't bring in another agent to do the deal. So your agent gets their standars 3% commission or whatever was negotiated in the purchase and sale agreement.

It's very easy. You and your agent put in an offer. It's accepted, and you assign the contract to your end buyer. End buyer goes to closing with the seller, agents, escrow, attorneys, you, etc. and there you go. Deal done.

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